Summer Confidence!

Unlike Autumn, Winter and Spring, I feel like Summer is the one season which requires confidence – buckets of it! Whether it’s the confidence to embark on an adventure, meet new people or wear a bikini on the beach, you’re sure to come across the need for a sprinkle of it in the warmer months.


I think the key to confidence is not caring about what other people think. I mean there’s clearly extremes to this which I’m not suggesting (other people opinions are useful a lot of the time) but when we’re talking about minor decisions then why not just go with what you want?


It frustrates me to hear people who say they don’t have the confidence to wear certain things, say ‘no’ or speak their minds. Don’t get me wrong – I get it, it’s hard to build up the confidence to do something which is out of your comfort zone and by no means am I speaking from a high or almighty spot – I was once the girl who was petrified (and I mean PETRIFIED) to even step foot in a park, but hey that’s a story for another post… It truly is important to push yourself and jump over your comfort zone and explore the other more interesting side of life (as easy as that is to say).

I find it somewhat irritating to hear people who talk about ‘improving yourself’ to achieve confidence. For example, dieting to achieve a ‘bikini body’ – as if putting a bikini on your body and feeling comfortable in your own skin isn’t enough? No matter your age, gender, ethnicity or size, you have the right to be confident in your own skin!


It’d make the world a better, more interesting place if people had the confidence to say what they mean, act how they feel, wear what they want, etc etc. For the remaining days we have left of the summer I challenge everyone reading this (including myself) to do something each day which is out of their comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be big, just attempt to do something which you personally don’t feel confident about.

Life’s too short to worry about what other people think 24/7 and the majority of the time nobody is actually ‘judging’ you or questioning what you’re doing anyways!

I hope you’re having a good summer!

Jodie xo

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