Holiday Packing Nightmares + What Products I’m Taking

Can I first start off by saying I HATE packing. Grrrr. I’m one of those people who love the thought of packing and will procrastinate and organise everything into piles for zonks, but when it actually comes to putting it in the suitcase it just all falls apart. Anyways, enough of my woes, I’m going to briefly skip over what I’m packing for my holiday – if you come out of this post with any tips on packing I’ll be extremely surprised and equally chuffed, haha.

This year -yes my packing style does change yearly- I’ve decided to go for the ‘compartmentalized’ packing, y’know, organised chaos style. These are my general toiletries, make-up, hair products and ‘jewellry’- they’re all in their own little soft bags which I’ll probably split between suitcase and rucksack. Then I’ll have to just shove my hairspray, mousse and nail polish remover into any nook and cranny I can find because annoyingly they won’t fit into any of the other compartments. Double grrrrr.

This is me trying to be all super organised...

This is my general toiletries bag which is really quite self explanatory… In here some of the highlights are a Simple shower gel in ‘fresh mint goodness’ which smells FAB; a Nivea cleansing milk and a Boots Botanics Night Cream which I’ve ‘borrowed’ from my Mum. The rest is all boring essentials such as an eye gel, spot cream and Veet…because who goes on holiday without Veet?! Haha. Oh, and randomly I threw in some bonjela – don’t ask me why, I have no idea.
general stuff

On to my hair stuff. Hairspray and mousse because, duh. On the hair accessories front, I’m taking a 1001 bobby pins (or 30 to be precise, you can never have too many, right…?), some hair bands (I urgently need more), some small elastic bands, a black alice band and two wire head bands (which are my new favourite things!). The other bits and bobs pictured I mentioned in my Monday hair post which you can check out here –

Okay, two down, two to go. This is the smallest and most sparse bag of all. I’m not a jewellry girl by any means and when I go on holiday I’m always scared to take things with any monetary or sentimental value – therefore I replace silver necklaces or lockets, etc with beaded, knotted and woven bracelets and cheaper stuff. Pictured here is my Mum’s orange swatch watch which she’ll probably want back as soon as she remembers I’ve got it (oops), a couple of bracelets and anklets from Barcelona, H&M rings and of course my lovely necklace watch thingy from Inaara. Oh, a handy trick is to keep your rings in a small purse so you can find them easily.

And finally the last bag’s contents – make-up. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’d know that I really don’t wear much (if any) make-up. There’s no foundation, powder or even bb cream here because in all seriousness, I couldn’t care less about all that jazz on holiday. However, somehow my make-up bag is pretty full and that’s down to my lip product obsession. Let’s briefly whizz through what’s here. On the lip product front; Barry M lip gloss; Nivea essentials lip balm; The Body Shop Lip balm in Raspberry; Soap and Glory Cheekmate; Clinque Chubby Stick; two Body Shop lipsticks; a red lipstick with rubbed of branding labels; Rimmel Apocalips; Models Own red lip liner. Wow. Just a few lip products then? On the other side we have mascaras, eyeliners and nail varnish.

So that is the beauty side of what I’m packing! Oh gosh I actually hate this malarky, I best go get started on all the rest now…

PS. Yes, I am taking a toothbrush, toothpaste and all that boring stuff, I’ve just yet to find room for it all!

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