I’ve always been one of those people who have no interest in hair products at all – I buy literally the basics in order to keep my hair – slightly – tamed. However within the last month or two I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my hair *cries uncontrollably* MY HAIR’S DAMAGED! Let me not exaggerate here, basically my hair is split end central. In fact, I had one week last month when I was in a swimming pool every day for 7 days, meaning my hair was exposed to chlorinated water constantly. Oops. Therefore the current situation is thus: my hair is damaged and dry and I need to take action. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve purchased some products to try and get these problems sorted. Here’s what I’ve bought…

Argan oil is the buzz beauty ingredient of the last few years so I thought this would be worth a try. At £1 I have little expectations but I couldn’t resist the urge to put it in the basket.

From a savers/£ store - £1

From a savers/£ store – £1

Slight revelation here – I never brush or comb my hair. Seriously, I haven’t actually brushed my hair in over a month hahaha! Because I style my hair wet (and then obviously you can’t brush dried curly hair) my hair only sees a brush once it’s straightened. I decided to buy a shower comb so I can de-knot-ify my hair on a daily basis… WOW haha. I’ll let you know how this life changing experiment goes…

Superdrug - £0.99

Superdrug – £0.99

If you’ve watched my haircare routine ( then you’ll know that hairspray is a daily must for me… you’d also know that I have no preference in what hair spray I use…

Superdrug  (Silvikrin) - £1.49 (currently on sale) Superdrug - £1.29 (currently on sale)

Superdrug (Silvikrin) – £1.49 (currently on sale)
Superdrug – £1.29 (currently on sale)

This is a re-purchase for me as I’ve previously used the leave in conditioner for split ends. I don’t love this product and I’m not 100% sure if there’s any lasting/permanent changes to my hair but for quick fix dry ends this product is a must.

Superdrug - £3.99 (currently on sale)

Superdrug – £3.99 (currently on sale)

When the Boots Curl Creme was out of stock, I had to take drastic measures and find an alternative. I saw this one in Superdrug and picked it up… I’ve been using it for a while now and I’ve got to be honest I’m pretty disappointed, it’s more expensive than the boots curl creme and doesn’t work as well. I might do a more lengthy comparision/review on this in the near future.

Superdrug - £1.99 (currently on sale)

Superdrug – £1.99 (currently on sale)

In another attempt to rescue my hair I purchased a hair mask. I’ve heard lots about different types of hair masks and how they can add moisture, oils, etc back into your hair. This one you leave on for only 2-3 minutes before washing out. I’ve used this twice and have felt a difference the day after. I’m hoping with continual weekly use I’ll see some more long term results.

Superdrug - £5.09 (currently on sale)

Superdrug – £5.09 (currently on sale)

Another must have for me is hair mousse, I’m never ever ever without it. Like with hairspray I have no preference in brands of mousse as long as it has firm hold for curly hair… I’m not keen on spending £££’s on mousse for sure!

Boots - £1.10 Superdrug - £1.29 (currently on sale)

Boots – £1.10
Superdrug – £1.29 (currently on sale)

And FINALLY the last product is another hair oil. It was on sale in Superdrug and I thought it would probably be a better bet than the one I purchased earlier from the pound store! Anyways I’ll be interested to see which one works better…

Ssuperdrug - £6.99 (currently on sale)

Ssuperdrug – £6.99 (currently on sale)

So that concludes my little ‘haul’ post. I’m now eagerly hoping that something works for my hair so I can get away from this dry, damaged phase. If you’ve tried any of these products I’ve mentioned or have suggestions for me then I’d love to hear them!

Jodie xo


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