The BEST Chocolate Brownie Recipe

Even though I’m actually allergic to eggs (and therefore can’t eat cakes!) I still find myself making brownies ALL THE TIME. I made them once ages ago and from that moment on the requests for them keep rolling in. The weirdest thing is that however easy and simple they are to make, everybody who tries them literally LOVES them. They’re the perfect thing to take to a summer picnic or you could even wrap them up in a nice tin for a small gift for a chocolate loving friend/family member!

What You Need:
275g caster sugar
185g butter
80g plain flour
4 medium sized eggs (or 3 large ones)
200g chocolate (I used a mix of milk and dark chocolate about 2:1)
at least 3 heaped table spoons of cocoa powder/drinking chocolate

Firstly I melted the chocolate and the butter in a pan. Just do this on a really low heat and stir it constantly. Turn the heat off as soon as all the lumps of chocolate are gone – it’s very important that it’s not overheated.


YUM, YUM, YUM (now leave it to cool whilst you sort out the rest of your ingredients). At this point you should also set your oven to Gas Mark 4 (180C).


Sieve the flour and the cocoa powder in to a bowl.


Grease the sides and bottom of the brownie tin. I always add grease proof paper to the bottom of the tin because it makes it easier to turn it out at the end.


Crack the eggs into a seperate bowl…dodge the shells!


Then you need to whisk the eggs and the sugar until the mixture turns light, airy and bubbly like in the photo (this could take up to 8 minutes so work those arm muscles!…or use an electric whisk!).


Pour the (now cooled) chocolate mixture into the whisked eggs and sugar.


Carefully fold the two mixtures together then add in the sieved flour and cocoa powder. Once you have mixed it well (be gentle with it and don’t over mix) pour it into the tin.


It’s really hard to tell you how long to leave the brownies in for as everybody has a different type of oven (and a different type of consistency that they want their brownies). I tend to leave mine in for around 30 minutes but I start to check them at 20 minutes. The brownie cooking process is quite decieving though as many a time I have had to re-cook the middle chunks in order to cut them without having a runny mess – you’ll know what I mean once you’ve baked them a couple times…

the finished product!

the finished product!

I hope you liked this different type of blog post! Check out my next post on Friday 18.00 GMT

Jodie xo

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