Re-discovering my blogging buzz

Hey, hi, hey… wow this feels weird. I planned out what I was going to write in this blog post, but now I’m sitting here actually typing my mind has gone BLANK. It’s been a while since I’ve posted… 15 days if you want to be exact, but then again my posts have been scheduled since the beginning of July, therefore I haven’t actually written in over a month really.

Literally summer summed up in a picture - blackberries are my faves!

Literally summer summed up in a picture – blackberries are my faves!

In all honesty, I haven’t been super busy and ‘not had the chance to post’. I just temporarily lost my initial excitement about writing every blog post. I think this is a very relatable feeling and looking back on it, I know that it definitely comes from self-criticism and the constant comparisons between yourself and somebody who is generally either better than you or just more experienced.

It’s the easiest thing to get into a rut about something. Mine was about the content I was posting and the quality I was posting. I wanted to test out all the hyped products, I wanted to take cool outfit of the week shots, I wanted to have flawless make-up and be going out to dinner every night just to instagram a photo. Y’know what I mean? There’s many problems with this, number one being that as a normal 16 year old girl I physically don’t have enough money to try every new product/thing under the sun (and thinking about it, would I even want to spend heaps of money on products?). The second problem with this thinking is that it leaves you in a phase of not wanting to do or post anything. I found myself saying “once I get ______ , then I’ll start”. Which left me in a state of not doing anything, hence why I’m sitting having not written a blog post in over 2 weeks.

...because I felt cool with my funky nail varnish...

…because I felt cool with my funky nail varnish…

In reality all these things aren’t going to magically happen overnight and I don’t NEED special equipment or lots of money to write about what I love and share content over the internet. It’s time for me to get out of this rut and remember I’m a 16 year old girl trying her best – I’m no Essie Button, Zoella or Beautycrush, but maybe with some hard work and determination I’ll establish myself as a ‘proper’ blogger and will create the same content that I love but using the equipment which I dream about. Maybe. But in the mean time it’s just me and my trusty Acer.

I have decided to go back to my original blogging schedule which I established back in April of last year. That means there will be a new post from me on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, published at 18.00 on the dot. I look forward to getting back to my usual blogging self! As for my lack of a youtube schedule, well, urrm, that one is yet to be figured out…sorry.

To see some of the things I get up to when I’m not sat here typing, make sure to be subscribed to my Youtube channel ‘madfashionlover’

Long evenings editing videos with a good cuppa

Long evenings editing videos with a good cuppa

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