Disappointing Products…

I’m not one to write a negative post (or give a negative review) but today I’ve decided to show you all the ‘disappointing products’, the ones I bought, used and then really wished I hadn’t spent my money on! Bear in mind, however, that just because I find a product bad doesn’t mean you will too – I can only give my own honest opinion!

USELESS – Barry M Pink Glitter Liquid Eyeliner
Now, I’m not sure how often you think to yourself “ooh I really could have done with a pink glitter eyeliner to finish off this look”.. I certainly have never. To be fair this did come in a beauty bag full of Barry M stuff – I would never have picked this out in particular! As far as the actual product is concerned, it seems okay -it’s certainly glittery although it’s not noticeably very pink. I don’t even think Barry M make this eyeliner anymore and I’m not too surprised – it’s useless!

NO RESULTS – Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel and Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream
These are both products I bought on a whim in the hopes that they may soothe and cool my often irritated eyes. For once I actually stuck to the directions of use, applying the products religiously both morning and night (for 4 weeks!) – was there a difference? Of course not! To be fair, for £1.50 each you can’t realistically be hopeful for much however the description on the back of the products leaves you with high hopes as it includes phrases such as “reduces puffiness” and “lightly hydrates the delicate eye area”. At the end of the day these products are just as good as spritzing cold water on your eyes – I’d suggest saving your pennies and buying a more beneficial cream/gel!

LIMITED USES – OPI shatter nail lacquer
I should probably mention the fact that I have never actually managed to get this to work on top of any of my nail varnishes before…maybe I’m just doing something wrong? I was looking forward to getting that ‘shattered’ effect on my nails but have been disappointed repeatedly on my numerous attempts to get this to work. My suspicion is that this shattered effect can only be achieved if placed over an OPI branded nail lacquer (which in my opinion is completely ridiculous and isn’t explicitly mentioned on the instructions). If anybody has any tips for getting this to work then let me know!

NOT MY TYPE – Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Elusive
Let me start by saying I’ve seen so many bloggers raving about this product (and I kind of have a soft spot for this one in a weird way). I LOVE any of the chubby stick type lip products -they’re so easy to use!- but picking up this Revlon Matte balm was a mistake. Not only do I not particularly like the formula – your lips need to be SO baby soft for it to look decent – I also think the colour doesn’t particularly compliment my skin tone. I’m so used to wearing more berry toned lip colours which make your teeth look PERFECT (seriously) that when I put this on my lips I feel like my teeth turn extremely yellow – not a good look. My recommendation would be to a) think wisely about the colour you go for and b) go for the original Revlon Balm Stain or the Lacquer balm if you’re looking for a not so ‘high maintenance’ look.

NOT NICE – The Body Shop Chocomania Shower Cream
I never thought I’d find a range in the Body Shop which I wouldn’t like – however the day has come… The ‘chocomania’ range is definitely not my cup of tea. As a chocolate lover, washing yourself with sweet yummy chocolate doesn’t sound too bad, BUT in reality you’re left smelling a bit dodgy. The Body Shop have definitely succeeded in their chocolate scent though – it’s extremely realistic! However I’m going to stick with bath stuff which smell refreshing and clean – I’ll leave chocolate strictly for eating purposes only.

WHAT THE HELL? – Barry M Shimmering Eye and Lip Crayon
I don’t even know where to start with this product. I have never properly ‘used’ this product although I’ve been experimenting with it for ages. I can see the use of this product as an eye crayon, however the formula of the product makes it hard to apply – it’s scratchy and requires a lot of pressure to get a decent colour pay off (and NOBODY wants to be tugging and putting unnecessary pressure on their eye lids – that’s a recipe for disaster). However my biggest problem with this product is the name ‘lip crayon’. Applying a scratchy sheer blue glitter onto my lips is really not appealing – when does anybody want chalky pale blue lips?

Those are the disappointing products I’ve found so far! Definitely don’t be afraid to go and try them out in shops and see for yourself – just think twice before parting with your money! If you have any disappointing products which you think I should stay clear of feel free to leave a comment below or tweet me @madfashionlover

Jodie xo

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