REVIEW: Lee Stafford ‘Dehumidifier’ & ‘Spray Shine’

I bought these a while back and have been testing them out for so long that they’ve nearly run out. I picked up the mini sizes from Boots for a couple of pounds each (I think…). I’m always keen on testing out a mini product instead of buying a full size version because I never know whether I’m going to love it plus it often means I can try out a wider variety of products for cheap prices instead of splurging on one or two full sized products. I’ve never tried any of the Lee Stafford brand products before, but I’m always eager to find something to tame the frizz and maintain my straight hair (whenever I can be bothered to spend 2 hours straightening my hair…you can relate right?!).


Both of these are spray products. The Dehumidifier aims to “keep your beautiful hair poker straight when the humid air wants it to frizz”. I think this product actually deserves a round of applause because I have seen the difference of using this compared to not using it. It certainly maintains straight-ish hair under dry, still weather conditions. I don’t think it does very well in other climates such as lots of wind or damp conditions… my hair still ends up in a frizzy mess – but I think that’s just my hair reminding me that it’s meant to be curly.

Both of these products smell B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L and the smell lingers on my hair for days. It’s not an overwhelming smell which could interfere with your perfume, it’s more of a subtle smell which you remember is there when you find yourself doing one of those hair flicks like in the L’Oreal adverts.

The Shine Head Spray Shine is very much similar to the dehumidifier. In fact I found it did practically the same job with an added silky, glossy finish to you hair. I would definitely repurchase the full sized shine spray because it just made my hair look so much healthier (ironic as I sprayed it just after it was damaged by straighteners!). This product would be perfect if (like me) you have typically normal to dry hair. I wouldn’t suggest this for you if your hair is oilier because putting in a shine spray would just add to it!

Overall I think both these products are good and by no means a waste of money. I wouldn’t repurchase both of them on the grounds that they do very similar things but they both made my hair straightening experience much more worthwhile as it meant I could keep my hair straighter for longer without having to constantly turn to the straighteners.

It’s also worth mentioning that I purchased the Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Mist. I decided not to include it in this review as I haven’t tested it out much and find all heat protect sprays to work just the same… I’m not fussy! (it did smell just as good as the other products, so bonus points there).

You can buy these products from Boots (as well as other places):

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