D.I.Y Wednesday: Masquerade Mask

Maskless with little money (and a day before a masquerade themed prom) I decided to take drastic action…and make my own. It’s pretty simple, costs practically nothing (as long as you have some basic art supplies) and is fairly effective (I mean it won’t last forever but hey if I haven’t lost it by the end of the evening it’ll be a surprise!). I decided to make a video and post just in the off chance anyone else fancies making a mask or two – it’s so easy and if you have a bit of time you can make it look really special.

You Will Need:
– one A4 piece of thick card
– scissors
– PVA glue
– paint (I used a purple acrylic)
– string (or alternatively old shoes laces)
– a pencil
– a template (I used one from google images and then altered it)
– decorations (glitter, ribbon, sequins, beads, trimmings…it’s your choice!)

I used a template printed out onto A4 paper and then altered it to fit me by measuring the width of my head and then making the template smaller. Once I had done that I cut it out and also added eye holes. (TIP: when adding eye holes start off small and keep on adjusting the size and shape of them by putting the mask against your face)

I then traced out the basic shape of the mask onto two pieces of cardboard and added in my own twist to make it slightly more unique. Again, I cut it all out.


Next you have to glue the two pieces of card together. This makes it more sturdy and hides the unwanted side of the card. When gluing it together I found that paperclips kept the card pressed together whilst it dried.


Whilst the glue is drying curve the mask around a circular object and hold it there for a couple of minutes in order to get a slightly curved shape.


Now for the fun (but really messy) bit. Using string or old shoe laces coat them in glue then lay them out on the mask however you wish…


Whilst the front is drying (it takes a LONG time) paint the back of the mask. I chose to paint it purple but obviously you could use whatever colour you want.


Then I attached a painted paintbrush stick in the same purple shade. Alternatively you could use a wooden skewer or even make it into an elasticated mask. I attached the stick onto my mask using a glue gun but if you don’t have one of these PVA glue does work although it will take longer to dry.


The easiest and most enjoyable bit for me is definitely decorating the mask. You can use whatever you’ve got at home – I decided to use a thin gold trimming around the edges and added some gold bead type decorations aswell. I lastly decided to add some decoration onto the handle of the mask to make it look more fancy and interesting…


And that is it! That’s my mask sorted… It definitely won’t last forever but saved me a little bit of money which I can then go and spend on something more useful and worthwhile!

The short video of how I made my mask will be up tomorrow morning and will be linked here once uploaded!

Jodie xo

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