NOTICE ANY CHANGES? | Blog & Youtube Channel Relaunch

It’s been a while since I’ve changed things up on my blog (and I’ve never changed things up on my youtube channel) but I think it’s about time to improve. I’m certainly one of those people who like to suddenly make drastic changes instead of slowly adapt. Seeing as I’ve actually got enough time to put my 110% into blogging I feel like I can finally do some fine tuning and add/change things which have been on a long ‘to do list’ for ZONKS now! The first, biggest and most important change is something you may not have even noticed. Take a look at the URL now… no longer is my blog “” but it’s now just This may not seem like a big thing, but to me this makes me SOOOOO EXCITED. I feel like I’ve got my own ‘proper’ platform now and I feel really professional (hahaha I’m so not!).

Within the next few weeks I’ll also be introducing my logo into both my blog and youtube channel, although I’m still fine tuning the whole design so it might take a while…

Ehh, what else to update you on? I’m making a big social networks push in the next month or so (because lets face it, I’ve been pretty rubbish with my blog’s twitter @madfashionlover). Not only can you follow me on twitter (which is where you can stay on track with what I’m writing about, planning and scheming up next) I also have an instagram (which I’ve hardly used but I will be trying to post more frequently, especially when I’m actually doing something interesting…).

There are tons of little changes which I’ll slowly be bringing in over the summer, so all I can say is keep your eyes peeled…. oh, and I’ve completely changed my blogging and youtube schedule…but I’m not committing to anything just yet, I’d check back tomorrow and everyday though… *hint hint*.

This has been a weird post but I wanted to make it just to let you know that I am actually working hard even though the last couple of months I’ve been a very sporadic blogger. I’m excited to see what adventures will lie ahead in summer and I hope you’ll be there reading and watching throughout the summer…

Jodie xo


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