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Hello and welcome to the ‘waffliest’ blog post you will ever read in your life. EVER. Clearly I’m just in one of those moods today – good mood, may I add. This is a really weird blog post for me to write because although I’ve technically been blogging each week, with new posts on a Wednesday night, I haven’t actually written a post in over 2 months (other than the #BringBackOurGirls post). Now, two months is feeling like a pretty long time to me, sitting down typing this blog post is slightly laborious today -only because I haven’t got back into the swing of things yet – but hey, anything beats sitting revising day in day out. That brings me nicely on to the actual reason I’m writing this post, I’m supposed to be updating you (…see guys I did warn you this would be ‘waffly’!).


Over the last two months in which I haven’t actually been writing, I have been sitting my GCSE exams and of course with that comes a whole load of revising! I have currently completed 17 out of 20 of my exams, leaving 3 exams plus a whole bunch of art coursework to finish off, pretty good if you ask me.


Other than being stuck in an exam hall, I’ve graduated secondary school, attended a prefects dinner and feel like I’m well on my way into the big adult world. JOKE – I still feel eleven. To be honest, I haven’t really spoken about what’s happened in the last two months much or had time for everything to sink in really. I feel like a character from Sims (the computer game) who has just been sped up to complete their actions faster. Y’know, it’s all just happened so quick.


I did just want to take a moment, though, to speak personally to anyone from my secondary school who is reading this. I think sometimes we get consumed and blinkered by all the bad stuff, the things we hate and the sticky situations we often find ourselves in. And unfortunately that often makes us forget about all the great things which we do, the cool people we meet and the fun times we’re having. Through these crazy, whirlwind, rollercoaster times I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by a pretty awesome bunch of people – so thank you lots!

…I just wanted to put that out there.


I should also address my lack of video blogging, vlogging, youtube, whatever you want to call it. Obviously, being the overly optimistic person I am, I thought it would be manageable to film and edit a video each week. WRONG. I failed at doing that and I haven’t actually posted a video in around 4/5 weeks. However, I WILL be back on youtube and I haven’t stopped making videos completely, I just want the time to 1) REST 2) think of ideas and changes. I think it’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of ‘common youtuber’ with all your content consisting of monthly favourites, hauls and ‘what’s in my bag’. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that and I do LOVE watching videos like that BUT I also want to have my own take on these things instead of blandly copying them!

FINALLY, I just wanted to briefly tell you some of my blogging plans for the near future (a.k.a summer). I am going to (hopefully) be having a mini re-launch of both my blog and youtube. Basically I’m just going to be doing a re-vamp and making some minor changes to appearance, content and posting schedule. The exact date of that hasn’t been entirely arranged but it will roughly be the end of June/start of July – I’ll let you know when it’s all certain.


Summer means I will have TONS of free time in which I plan to dedicate loads of that time to progressing and developing my blog further. There will be content changes and youtube SERIES which I’m super excited for. To give you a little sneak peek I will be introducing:
– Videos with other people (finally!). I plan on doing a ton of challenge videos and hope on sharing the camera with some of my friends throughout the summer
– I will be doing outfit videos – I’m still undecided whether these will be OOTW (outfits of the week) or monthly and they’ll most certainly be linked with a blog post
– And I will also be doing Weekly Vlogs which basically means I’ll be filming every week of my summer – which will be good as it gives my incentive to get out of my bed each day!

Of course, I would LOVE to hear any thoughts about my blog and youtube channel. Feedback and content ideas are encouraged! I’m sorry this post has been so long – if you’re still reading now then THANK YOU! Haha.

I’m back and ready for business!
Jodie xo

~~credit to Helin Cinar for practically all (but one) of the photos in this blog post! Thank you for letting me use them! Love ya!~~

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