Believe In Yourself!

As we’re in the middle of exam season I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about believing in yourself. It’s something that I don’t see people do very often and I truly think that it’s a quality we could all do with fine tuning.


I’m one of the worst culprits for this I think. When asked how an exam has gone, I constantly say “I didn’t do as well as I hoped” or “I should have revised more”. In fact I had such little belief in myself when doing my grade two piano exam that I came home stating that I did terribly, I messed up and that I’d be lucky to pass.

The reality of all these scenarios is that we never do as badly as we believe. Sometimes we may not do too great, but our initial thoughts and feelings are a lot worse than the actual result. I think a lot of you could probably relate to this same feeling.


Sometimes we set our own self expectations so high that we forget that we can’t be perfect. I mucked up on two notes in my sight reading for piano and thought that it was the end of the world – I remember it so vividly and it was a couple of years ago now. I was so eager on it being perfect that I forgot that I was just a 15 year old girl playing a piece I’d never seen before – it’s normal for there to be mistakes.

My main message that I wanted to get through to everyone reading this was that we all need to believe in our abilities a bit more. Believing in yourself is important because it shows others that you’re capable. It’s much easier to achieve something if you believe that you CAN do it in the first place – it simply calls for a change in attitude.


Go into every exam (and every life situation) believing you have the ability and skills to achieve your target grade, and you’re already that little bit closer to doing so.


I wish all those sitting their exams this summer the best of luck… you can do it!

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”


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