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As I’ve often said, I’m not really a make-up girl. However, I do have a growing collection of different lip products; lip balms, glosses, chapsticks, lip crayons, lipsticks – you name it, I’ve got it (well, not quite, but you get the idea). So I decided that I’d round up and show you my favourite lip products at the moment. I’ve spoken about some of these before but I thought it’d be good to round them all up!

These have been spoken about in a favourites video of mine (February one?). I’m still absolutely in love with these and they’re certainly a ‘handbag essential’. They’re a good moisturising lip balm, but the best thing about them is the strong fruity smell. As you can see they come in a range of different tastes? flavours? what do you call it?
More than anything they just look so pretty, don’t they? I’m pretty sure these are about £2-£4 for a small tub which practically lasts forever!

Nivea are on it with their lip products/lip care at the moment! I couldn’t decide on what product from their ranges I liked the best so I chose three! The lip butter (the round one in the tin) has also been mentioned in a favourites video. I think that it’s perfect for just before you go to sleep or as soon as you wake up as the product takes quite a long time to sink in. Again, the amazing smell always makes me come back to this fab product (seriously, I’d buy it just to smell it…). The blue balm from the Nivea essentials range is comparable (well, practically the same) as having vaseline in a stick form. It’s a really thick formula so is perfect for anybody suffering with sore or dry lips. I think it’s a bit too thick for day time wear but, again, is perfect for the night time.
Lastly is the nivea pearly shine lip balm/chapstick. This is a day time lip product for sure! It keeps the base colour of your lips but adds a lightly pink tinted shine which is so subtle and gorgeous. This one moisturises your lips nicely yet is not heavy or sticky in the slightest.

The Rimmel Apocalips is one of the best coloured lip products ever. I own the colours celestial and eclipse. I wear both of these on a regular basis but I’m particularly impressed with eclipse as it gives a dark lip colour just as good as a lipstick. The easy application makes this a product which I find putting on my lips on a regular basis.

The colours are SO opaque it’s CRAZY! These lip products are the most pigmented products I’ve seen and they’re absolutely fantastic for the price of them (I think roughly £5 – £8?).

Lip crayons and sticks have been VERY popular recently. More and more brands have been coming out with their own formulas of these well loved products. My favourite lip crayon is the MUA one in ‘crazy in love’. It’s a really nice berry shade, similar to the Rimmel Apocalips in eclipse and Rimmel Kate Matt lipstick in 107. I also own the Revlon matte lip crayon thing in elusive. I’ve really not taken to this – I think it’s more because of the colour choice and not the formula although the matte effect does leave your lips wanting lip balm! I definitely need to try the lip crayons from Rimmel and the shine lip crayons from Revlon to grow my collection!
The best thing about lip crayons is that the have such buildable colour. With my MUA lip crayon I can go from having a little tint of colour on my lips to having full blown lip stick type coverage (and everything inbetween!!).

This lipstick = life. It’s my favourite colour ever, it wears perfectly on my lips and the packaging is pretty good too, what else can I say? I think that this shade is the perfect berry colour and it suits my skin tone which is always handy! I’d definitely moisturise you lips well before applying this -as with any matte lipstick – because the matte effect can potentially be drying. I’ve never had a problem with this lipstick and can only hope to expand my collection in the near future.
I nearly forgot to mention that at £5.99 (I think) this is the best and most affordable lipstick you’ll ever find. Guaranteed. (well, technically not guaranteed but hey, if you do find a better more affordable one let me know! Haha)

Those are my favourite lip products at the moment. Let me know if you’ve got a golden lip product worth me trying (literally I’m always on the hunt!). No doubt you’ll be the first to know if I come across anymore great wonders but for now I think there’s enough lip products to be going on with!

Have a fab week!
Jodie xo


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