For the first time ever (dun dun dun) I’m going to be doing some stylised outfits with me in them, so yeah, this is all quite scary! Haha.

Recently I purchased this skirt from H&M. I had seen plenty of these style skirts (asymmetric skirts) in MissGuided (http://www.missguided.co.uk/clothing/category/skirts) and instantly fell in love with them. So you can imagine that when I went into H&M and saw a plain black one I just couldn’t help myself – I just had to buy it.

This is the H&M skirt I bought. I got it for £14.99 and you can get very similar ones in lovely spring colours from http://www.missguided.co.uk . I really like these asymmetric skirts because they can be dressed up or played down. The only thing is that they probably won’t work well for very long legged girls as they’re pretty short already!

1. Casual/laid back style


I’m a sucker for anything comfortable and affordable. I love how this outfit looks like you’ve put effort into your outfit when in reality you’ve just thrown on the comfiest items in your wardrobe. This look would be perfect for a day out in the summer (lunch out, park, lazy sundays) but it’d also look good for a more chilled out cinema date or relax meeting with friends.


SHOES – nike suede low blazers in red
ACCESSORIES – rings from H&M, necklace was a gift

I decided to put my hair in a low bun for this look. I find this hairstyle useful for when I need my hair out of my eyes. I can also do it without a mirror and the messier you do it, the better it looks (which is very helpful!). However if you want to put a bit more effort into your hair, french braids would look cute.
You’re all pretty and naturally beautiful you don’t need to wear make-up (yes, you, the one reading this). However I would always swipe on some lipgloss or balm before walking out the house. Here I’m wearing a lip gloss from Model & Co.

2. Dressed up


Dressing up is my favourite activity ever. I love making the effort to look good and feel fab. This look could be worn for a variety of things such as a meal out, a party or an evening event. Adding the colour to my outfits is an absolute must for me – I think it lifts your spirits and makes you appear brighter! Changing the jacket on this outfit can instantly change the type of occasion you could be dressing for, so it’s a good idea to buy jackets which can interchange with most of your clothes in your wardrobe.


SHIRT – Primark
JACKET – 1) Blazer from H&M
SHOES – Upper Street Shoes
ACCESSORIES – Necklace – Primark

For my hair I went back to basics and let my hair out as normal. Sometimes I really can’t be bothered with doing my hair fancy or neat so leaving it out is the best option.
For my make-up I again kept it simple – seriously I rarely wear ‘proper’ makeup. I wore: mascara using Rimmel Rockin’ Curves in black and my Rimmel Apocaliptic lip laquer in celestial.

3. Edgy style


I’ve become more into this ‘grunge’ look over the last month or so. I think the proper term for it would be ‘edgy’ but hey I don’t know. This look is perfect for many scenarios such as parties, hanging with friends, dates, and eating out. This outfit idea is all about layering on the accessories and having lots of confidence in what you’re wearing. Wearing this makes me feel so good and confident it’s unbelievable what trying something outside of your comfort zone does to your attitude.


TOP – Primark (red lace top over a black vest)
SHOES – Black boots – New Look
ACCESSORIES – Rings from H&M, necklace was a gift

Again I wore my hair out -I wear it regularly as it’s so quick and easy to do! Fixing it with hairspray slows down the ‘major frizz ball process’ which naturally happens to my hair throughout the day.
When I think of ‘edgy’ outfits I always picture dark lips and dramatic eyes. I used Rimmel Rockin Curves mascara to create long lashes. I then finished the look with my favourite lipstick – Rimmel by Kate in matte 107.

I hope you liked seeing some of my own outfit suggestions. I would love to hear your thoughts about this post as I’m a newbie to this style of blogging. Check out my ‘Contact me’ page for how to get in touch!

Jodie xo

photo creds to my lovely ma again

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