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I know, I know – it’s spring, but I really couldn’t resist doing a blog post about my favourite fashion item of the moment which is knitwear. Firstly let’s just get things straight for all those who may not live in the UK or have never experienced our ‘lovely’ (cough cough) British weather. Unlike many places in the US, here in the UK we could get away with donning knitwear for 95% of the year – there’s always a slight breeze and the weather is pretty unpredictable. So that’s my little excuse for blogging about knitwear in spring! Haha. If you want to keep warm and toasty then check out my favourite knitwear pieces I own at the moment…

Oversized chunky knit jumpers

I recently purchased this jumper from H&M. The good thing about purchasing knitwear in the spring is that it’s normally on sale meaning you can snap up some great value buys. I got this jumper in cream for £10. I think it was originally on sale for around £19.99/£24.99 which was a good deal. However, sale buying often means you can’t get your exact size (sizes 8 – 12 are always popular) so I ended up getting it as a large, but hey, that suits me as it’s become my most reached for jumper in my wardrobe! Check out my post which will be published in the next couple of weeks which will show how you can jazz up a plain knit like the one above!

low-end – for £15 you can’t go wrong with this oversized jumper from Boohoo. It comes in such a variety of colours which is fab. (
mid-range – this red one from Forever 21 looks worth the money (
high end – absolutely love this thick knit looking jumper from Urban Outfitters, although I’m sure you could get better things for £40! (

Long knit cardigans
Another recent purchase of mine is this long cardigan. I’ve been wanting one of these since the start of autumn so I was super glad when I saw this one in the H&M sales last month. I managed to snag it for £15 compared to it’s RRP price of £24.99! I’m uber happy with the length of the cardigan and it’s burgundy colour. It’s got really small delicate pockets which are useful although I should probably stop weighing it down with my heavy phone. I’ve been wearing this a lot recently and it is the perfect slouchy outfit teamed with jeans and a t-shirt. In the colder summer evenings these long knit cardigans will be perfect for throwing over a pair of denim shorts and a vest because it keeps both your arms and the tops of your legs warm!

low- range – for £9.99 this is a really light cardigan which will keep the chilly breeze off your shoulders during the summer evenings. (
mid-range – this is a really cute boho style long knit/ kimono type garment – perfect for spring! (
high end – I’ve had my eye on a couple of long knit cardigans from Urban Outfitters, so if you’ve got some money I’d definitely recommend you get knitwear from here! (

Cropped jumpers

cropped jumper

I have two jumpers which are so very similar we might as well call them the same type in a different colour. These were bought many moons ago (well, 1 or 2 years ago) from H&M but I still see similar jumpers on sale all the time from them. I’m pretty sure these were both a very reasonable price again at about £14.99. They’re a thin woven/knitted jumper with full length sleeves. These jumpers are slightly cropped so work perfectly in the colder spring/summer days paired with jeans, shorts or skirts – whatever you fancy!

low end – this one from Forever 21 is super similar to my ones from H&M – love the chic neckline too! (
mid- range – fluffy crop jumpers are really on trend at the moment… (
high-end – I can picture this sitting in my wardrobe right now… oh, if only! (

Patterned Jumpers


I just had to include this fab H&M jumper which Renae and Amara got me for christmas! It’s by far the softest jumper I own and adds ‘a point of interest’ to a boring outfit (e.g. jeans and a t-shirt). Although I’d probably label this a very winter style jumper, I’ve been loving putting this over both jeans and skirts when it gets cold in the evenings.

low-end – this floral patterned jumper is perfect for spring! (
mid range – this daisy jumper is another cute spring purchase (
high end – this one’s is a bit of a novelty but I love the mint colour (

I’m really loving these simple knitwear pieces. They’re the perfect solution for a comfy, slouchy outfit on days when you really can’t be bothered to look too good. It’s only as I’ve got to the end of this post that I’ve realised that all the knitwear mentioned above is from H&M… what can I say, it does some great, affordable basics. If you’re interested in the knitwear items I’ve mentioned, check out the links that are below each category, I’ve given suggestions for low priced, mid priced and high end alternatives as the precise ones that I have are no longer on sale.

Have fun keeping warm and looking stylish,

Jodie xo

photo creds to my lovely mama!

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