Shoe Collection…

Today I’ve got a video for you guys which I found really fun, but slightly long winded to film (taking shoes on and off is a very tiring process!). Take 5 minutes of your time to go and watch it… I’d love to know what your favourite type of shoe is – or you can even tweet me a picture of your favourite shoes to @madfashionlover

P.S.- For all of you thinking this is a really short post, from now on I’ll be writing a small post about my video on a Sunday and then a longer post will be on a Wednesday. I know things are constantly changing with the scheduling with my posts but I’m just trying to work out the best way for my blog to not interfere with my exams. I’ve planned all my posts up until the end of my exams so there will be NO missed posts. I hope you appreciate them!

Jodie xo

If you know/are a musician, singer, band, then please get in contact with me by commenting your email address below or emailing me at I’m currently looking for copyright free music from up and coming artists which will act as background music for my youtube videos. All music will be credited and links can be made to your FB/Twitter/Youtube page. For more information, email me!

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