What Makes a Style Icon?

I’ve constantly written about style icons throughout the year since I started my blog and although I don’t write about them every week now (remember when I did them every Monday?) I still like to talk about them pretty frequently. In fact if you’re new to my blog it’d be pretty cool if you checked out some of my previous style icons here – http://madfashionlover.wordpress.com/category/style-icons/


Every week I would choose a style icon and I often got questions on how I managed to pick a different one each week. To me, a style icon is somebody who puts effort into what they wear. There will never be a person on this planet in which I will like every single outfit and each garment they choose. Instead I see picking a style icon as seeing the positives in their style and ignoring the negatives.


A lot of people in the fashion world have a select cluster (or even one or two) style icons which they look up to. However I really couldn’t name you only two people whose style inspires me. I try – as much as possible- to vary my own style. I like the idea of taking my favourite things from hundreds of peoples style I look up to and then mashing them up to create my own identity. I would never want to mimic anyone else’s outfits let alone their own whole style identity. As I’ve probably said millions of times before, fashion is a portrayal of yourself, your style should be all about YOUR personality – if you’re mimicking someone’s style then aren’t you, in a way, mimicking their personality?


In the past I’ve had style icons from Laura Mvula to the Kardashian sisters. I see pieces which I like from the majority of peoples outfits, whether that’s a t-shirt, a bag or a pair of shoes, but what get’s me really inspired is when I see somebody experimenting with a piece or wearing it differently than how I would’ve.


I guess what I wanted to explain is that my style icons are based on my own opinions and fashion loves. I have never had (and never see myself having) a permanent style icon, in fact a lot of people I chose throughout the year have developed and adapted their style in different ways in which I may not personally like. I believe that fashion is determined by your personality, your mood and the people you associate with. I love celebrating and recognising the different styles that people have – even if I don’t like some of their outfits.

You may see a few more random ‘style icons of the week’ posts in the future as although I don’t feel like I have a new one each week, I still like the idea of celebrating people with good style, both celebrities and people in my everyday life.

Jodie xo

My Past Style Icons
– Fearne Cotton
– Solange Knowles
– Jessica Alba
– Eliza Doolittle
– Alexa Chung
– Nicola Roberts
– Emma Watson
– Jameela Jamil
– Cara Delvingne
– Rita Ora
– Zoe Saldana
– Ellie Goulding
– Mollie King
– Kelly Osbourne
– Lea Michele
– Jessie J
– Kate Middleton
– Renae and Amara
– Blake Lively
– Daisy Lowe
– Vanessa Hudgens
– Gemma Cairney
– Audrey Hepburn
– Nicole Scherzinger
– Misha B
– Selena Gomez
– Nina Nesbitt
– Nina Dobrev
– Laura Mvula
– Paloma Faith
– Lorde
– M.I.A
– Kendall and Kylie Jenner
– Vanessa White
– Rihanna
– Kate Moss
– Zoe Sugg (Zoella)
– Jessica Biel
– Princess Diana
– Lianne La Havas
– Amanda Seyfried
– Janelle Monae
– The Kardashian Sisters


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