Reminising – a look back on my favourite blog posts of the year

Today I decided it would be a pretty good time to take a look back at my favourite posts I’ve written since starting my blog. I’ve chosen seven of my faves which I’ll share with you out of the whopping 126 posts I’ve written (to me, at least, that seems like quite a lot!). It would be super duper cool if you checked out any of the ones listed below if you haven’t already read them!

(My top 7 favourite posts of the past year are written below in no particular order)

A curly girl’s dream – I want a fringe (3rd April 2013)
Scarily this was only my second blog post ever! It was one of my initial ideas for my blog and I remember spending ages trying to think of a slightly catchy, interesting title! I love this post because it feels like I’m talking to somebody directly – it’s written exactly how I’d speak to somebody and that makes it much more personal. I also find it really interesting to compare and see how my own writing style has developed since then! Definitely give this a read if you want to hear a little anecdote and a chatty post regarding the loves and hates of fringes!
55th Annual Grammy Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, America - 10 Feb 2013

Bare Face is Beautiful (5th May 2013)
I remember being so excited to publish this post about no make-up. This piece of writing had been written months in advance with no use whatsoever, so when I decided to post it on this blog I was chuffed with some of the comments I got. Again, my writing style feels different – it’s almost like I’m gaining an insight into my 13 year old self… I love the honesty my younger self wrote this with and it definitely comes straight from my heart. There are SO many things I would change about it if I wrote this again but that’s just life! Check this post out if you want to see my thoughts on make-up and read a lovely little rant! haha

Fashion through the decades (1st May 2013)
I wrote this as ‘just another post’. I didn’t really think too much about it and if I’m honest there’s not really anything that ‘special’ about it. But weirdly, this post has been my most viewed post EVER on this blog! Haha. So if you haven’t read it before, go check out the most popular (yet by far not the best) post on here…

Style Icons of the Week: Renae and Amara (29th July 2013)
As the posts went on and I grew more confident with my writing I chose more personal things to talk about. This post was a really important one for me to do as it was all about my two partners in crime/the three musketeers (including me that is) or as people more commonly say, ‘best friends’. As I was talking about them and their style I wanted to make sure that what I said was accurate and that the whole post flowed nicely. If you want to be a little nosey and find out more about my best friends then definitely check out this post!

Interview with a fashionista – Helin Cinar (18th September 2013)

My first (and so far only) interview on my blog has been with Helin Cinar. It was an absolute laugh to do and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole interview process – until, that is, I got home and had to translate the tons of notes into the actual post! It was interesting hearing somebody else’s opinion about all things fashion and I definitely need to do some more interviews with people soon!

My 100th blog post (11th December 2013)
This was the post in which I announced I was starting my youtube video blogging and was also a pretty fab one as I was WAY too happy about it being my 100th post! Check out my crazy, extra hyper, thankful blog post below!

International Women’s Day (8th March 2014)
This was my most recent favourite blog post… I LOVE writing about things/topics/issues which are close to my heart and international women’s day gave me the perfect reason to talk about the problems women are still facing today. If you haven’t read this post yet then please check it out, look at the worrying statistics then do your all to stop these things from happening.

So those were my seven favourite blog posts of my last year blogging. Stay tuned every day this week to see a daily blog post in celebration of my year of blogging!

Jodie xo

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