A BIG thank you and a little surprise

Hey there fashion lovers!
OH. MY. GOSH. Okay so this day/date is actually pretty super duper cool. Not only is this April Fools day but this time last year I set up and published my very first blog post. It’s absolutely crazy how the time has flown by and I’m truly baffled as to where I finally found my patience to stick to something for so long.


There’s literally a million and one different things I want to say in this post but I’m going to try and keep it fairly short and sweet. Of course I should start of with saying thank you to everyone who has read any of my blog posts in the past and an even bigger thank you to those who come back to read my blog week after week… gee, how are you not tired of my ramblings? Even a year later, seeing the views slowly increasing on a post gives me that little bubbly warm feeling inside – I swear, I hope that stays with me forever.

There’s a few people who have really made my blogging all the happier and they should know who they are. Some of the messages I’ve received have really made my day and continually give me a reason, motivation and inspiration to continue writing.

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what my reason and inspiration behind starting my blog was and I think I’ve narrowed it down to two things. Back when I started this blog (in Year 10), I’d just finished doing a lot of creative writing pieces which I had really enjoyed doing. I had a fab English teacher who gave me the confidence and basic skills I needed which made me feel like my writing was ‘good enough’ to share. Another thing which kind of links in with this was my sudden inspiration from a journalist who came into our English class to speak. I just thought it was such a cool job to do and thought the easiest way of trying my hand at it was by doing a blog!


Okay I think that’s enough looking back at the past for one day! I have so many plans and wishes for what I hope to see my blog blossom into in the next few years and I hope you’ll stick with me for the journey.

P.S. – I do have a little ‘surprise’ for you all. I decided that this week in celebration of my YEAR OF BLOGGING I will be posting a blog post a day for the whole week (Tuesday 1st April through to Monday 7th April). There will also be numerous video posts which will be dotted around during this week too! I hope you enjoy them all and don’t forget you can also check out how I’m doing on my Live Below the Line Challenge by clicking the link below. WOW – lots to read!

Thanks again for being fab enough to read this. xo

My Live Below the Line Challenge BLOG – DAY 1&2 – https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/madfashionlover

March Favourites Video has just gone live…

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