Live Below the Line 2014

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Firstly- I apologise! There was no blog or video last Sunday. If I’m honest I had a coursework deadline which was pretty hectic and school really did take over my life (it constantly is!). However I’m back this week to talk about an issue which is really close to my heart. I’ve also got a related video which I will post at the bottom of this post which shows me explaining everything in a lot more detail.

Scarily over 1.2 billion people (which is nearly 20 times the population of the UK) are suffering on a daily basis with less than £1 a day to live on. To put it basically, they’re living in extreme poverty. Not only does this lack of money and resources effect their health – they become malnourished- it also means that tough choices have to be made about their lifestyle and future. It’s not uncommon for mothers in developing countries to have to put their younger children into work in order to get enough money to feed them therefore the children don’t get an education, not enabling them a future – it’s a vicious cycle. There are numerous amazing charities which are doing the best they can to eradicate hunger. The most important message is that they don’t just want to give people the food they need, they also want to give the communities the resources they need to free themselves from poverty for good.

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This year I will be taking part in the Live Below the Line project (or I suppose, challenge) which means I will be Living below the poverty line for 5 days. This means that I will have £5 to spend on my food AND drink for the 5 days. It’s an extremely tough challenge. You can check out the Live Below the Line challenge rules here – . The Live Below the Line challenge isn’t just here in the UK, in fact you can get involved via the website from – the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Colombia.

There is of course one ultimate goal by doing the Live Below the Line challenge and that is to raise as much money as possible for the charities (in my case Concern Worldwide) which help the 1.2 billion people in the daily struggle of surviving on such little money. However I also see a wider picture of another more subliminal goal and that is of conversation. This challenge also aims to spread the message and the shocking statistics of hunger. The more people who know about the cause, the more people who can potentially help put a stop to hunger around the World.


So all I’m asking you to do is spread the word. Of course I would also love you to donate and sponsor me in taking on the challenge (the link will be below), but I’m even more concerned about the message. Not everyone has the funds to be able to donate BUT everyone does have the ability to speak out about an issue. In the coming week I ask you merely to spread the word of the Live Below the Line challenge, of the massive problems still facing this world regarding hunger and the amazing charities which are growing closer than ever to eradicating this problem for good. SHARE this post and others like it, SHARE my video and the other incredible of inspiring ones on youtube and most of all just TALK.

If you have a pound or two which wouldn’t be missed in your wallet, why not donate it? You can save someone’s life simply by giving a small donation in order for the food they need to be given to them. It really is that simple. Sponsor me here –

I would really appreciate it if you spent 5 minutes of your time watching a video I made about the project and my reasons behind doing it!

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