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Hey there fashion lovers!
Today I’m writing yet another review! It seems like I’ve got hundreds of products which I’ve loved and promised to do a review of, so here’s my next one! Like I always say, this is my own opinion and products do work differently on different people – I can only write about my personal experiences!

I’m reviewing the SPAtopia Argan Oil Body Butter and the Argan Oil body wash which I was kindly given for my 16th Birthday so thank you very much. This was a ‘gift set’ present and came with a pretty gold make-up cosmetics bag and a skin polisher (one of those scrunchy bath thingys! haha) however they have not been photographed below. You may have watched my video ( and seen that I was desperately trying to find where this gift set came from – FINALLY I have found that it can be bought at Sainsburys ( It’s also worth having a read of the SPAtopia London website here –


I’m totally SHOCKED that the SPAtopia London gift set can be bought for £10 on the Sainsbury’s website. The reason why it’s shocked me? I’ve found two amazing products which I really can’t imagine not being able to have – both coming under £5 each! Wow. The only annoyance is that I have to get it in the gift set and I can’t buy the products individually, meaning that I’m going to end up with A LOT of these pretty gold make-up cosmetics bags! Haha. They also sell the Argan Oil hand cream and Hot Scrub which I’ll definitely be picking up next time.

SPAtopia London Argan Oil Body Wash (200ml)
This was one of the best shower/bath products I have ever used. Now, I know there’s always hundreds of claims made about various products but this one really DOES live up to them. Part of the description on the SPAtopia website is ‘it will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated and your skin feeling satin soft’. The body wash does exactly that – not only can you smell the gorgeous scent afterwards you can feel the softness of your skin. It has the ‘spa’ finish and also leaves your bathroom smelling like one with a scent which is calming and in no way harsh. Before this product I wasn’t into the hype surrounding argan oil – however with this argan oil product working so well I’m now wondering if all argan oil products work this good – I would love to hear your thoughts. I will definitely, definitely be repurchasing this soon – I can’t imagine not having this product to turn to when my skin’s feeling dull.

SPAtopia London Argan Oil Body Butter (200ml)
*deep breaths* It’s going to be so hard to try and explain my love for this product to you all but I’m going to give it my best shot. Firstly, it smells just like the body wash – A.K.A heavenly. The body butter is REALLY thick, I can only compare the consistency to a really thick butter icing (for any of you lot into cakes!). Similarly to the last review I did of the Sanctuary Mande Lular Body Souffle, I only really use this product after baths (showers sometimes) because it’s really thick and takes a bit of time to sink into your skin properly. It makes your skin feel super duper soft; I think this will be the perfect product for summer when your skin is finally allowed to see the outside world! Haha. The scent of this product is really long lasting as well – it’s not too over powering though which is always fab, meaning that you can still put on your favourite perfume and let it shine.

This is another perfect gift set which would be lovely as a present to someone else or you could be cheeky and treat yourself to it! For £10 it’s worth trying it out, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it like I have!

If you haven’t already sussed, of course I’ll be repurchasing the whole set again (it’s currently on sale for £6.66 at Sainsburys which is pretty fab)… I wish it could get more mainstream and be sold at Boots or Superdrug – it’s certainly good enough to be retailing there!

Jodie xo

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  1. Candy 2nd December 2017 / 3:56 am

    Do you know if this product is still available?
    I’m in the United States. I received a gift set and absolutely love it. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find it anywhere.
    Thank you

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