REVIEW: Sanctuary Mande Lular Gift Set

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There’s so many reviews I have been meaning to do for a long while now! Finally I have found some time to sit down and write about some of these wonderful products which I’ve used over the last few months. I only review my ABSOLUTE favourite products which I feel everyone should try and if you do try any of them (or have done in the past) then I’d love to know what you thought. Products work differently for different people and therefore I can only share with you my personal experience with them. Today I’m reviewing the Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Mande Lular Sensuous Treatment Set (wow, that’s a title and a half!).

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I was given this set back in October for my 16th Birthday by Deborah – thank you very much! I have long used up two of the products, however I am still steadily making my way through the last one. The Sensuous Treatment Set can be bought from for a reasonable £12.50 by clicking the link here –

The gift set comes with three different products in it. They are smaller than the usual Sanctuary products however I found that they were by no means ‘mini’ sizes in that I got A LOT of use out of each product. The gift set included:
The Mande lular Sensuous Shower Cream (75ml)
Like all Sanctuary products, the Sensuous shower cream smells lovely (the Mande Lular range seem to have the same scent). I used this up fairly quickly as I became slightly addicted to the smell of it and the ‘creaminess’ of the product against my skin. The shower cream felt almost ‘milky’ in a good way and left my skin extra smooth. I haven’t been able to find this product in full size on the website however I doubt I would repurchase it. It was a great product but with so many other shower creams on the market- I’d rather try and experiment with new ones- it would have to be super amazing for me to repurchase it!

The Mande lular Sensuous Bath Creme (75ml)
(there’s no photo of this product because I must have used it up so quickly I forgot to keep the bottle…oops! However the product looks similar to the shower cream above)

The Bath creme was a gorgeous product to use which left my skin feeling and smelling lovely for the whole day! It contains coconut oil which is really soothing for your skin, making it incredibly smooth. I found you only really needed a little of the creme to create lovely bubbles perfect for a relaxing evening bath! However my only negative comes at it’s full size price of £10. I did really love this product, however it was kind of a ‘boring’ one compared to LUSH products – I think I’d rather experiment with them more before I repurchase this one. Having said that this product was amazing and stood up well with the other two products in the set – certainly not a let down.
You can buy the full size bath creme here –

The Mande lular Sensuous Body Souffle (150ml)

The body souffle was by far my favourite product in this gift set and is the one I am still using at the moment! The name of the product really explains how it feels on your skin. The body souffle is like an extremely light body butter. I find that a little goes a long way in terms of how much you need to use (hence why I have still got it!). Like the rest of the Mande Lular range (and the rest of the Sanctuary products) it smells incredible. It’s a fairly subtle, gentle, calming smell which lasts absolutely ages!

Unlike many other body lotions, moisturisers and creams, the Sanctuary body souffle doesn’t leave your skin with a sticky finish which you have to wait to dry. It’s the perfect cream for if you’re in a rush – no need to wait to let it soak in, it does that pretty much immediately! I love putting jeans on straight after I’ve applied this product – I can still smell it when I take them off!

In terms of price, the full size Mande Lular body souffle comes in at £11. This sounds fairly pricey for a body cream/moisturiser but believe me it’s worth it! The full size seems quite big with 475ml of it. I’ve only been using my one from the gift set a couple of times a week. I don’t use it on a daily basis because I think that could get pretty expensive, however I do use this everytime I get out of the bath and after I shave my legs. It makes your skin feel super duper soft which is ESSENTIAL for any good product.

If there was one product from this gift set that I would urge you to try, it would be the Sanctuary Mande Lular Body souffle – it will hook you in and make you not want to use any other cream again! I’ll certainly be buying myself a full size one when I’m finished! You can buy it at –

The Sanctuary Mande Lular Sensuous gift set has been really amazing. Individually the products are superb, the packaging is top quality and the brand is a high end one. I would never believe that it costs £12.50 – it’s got a very expensive feel to it and with the products being a reasonable size I wouldn’t have been surprised if this was £15 and up. With Mother’s Day coming up this would be a lovely gift which I’m sure would be thoroughly appreciated. Similarly this would be perfect for aunties, grandmas, sisters and friends!

I would definitely recommend you try this out for yourself or spread the love and buy it for somebody else!

Jodie xo

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