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Today I decided to talk about happiness which seems like a pretty random topic, right? For all those who don’t know me personally, I would say I’m generally a very happy person, in the sense I’m laughing 95% of the day on a regular basis! I saw a video on youtube about happiness (which inspired me to do my video below) and it really got me thinking about why I try to radiate happiness and how I attempt to do this. I hope you find this post interesting. It’s something which I haven’t really tried to explain properly before, but I think it’s pretty important.


According to the Collins English Dictionary, the definition of happiness is:

“contentment; the quality or state of feeling, showing, or expressing joy; the quality or state of being pleased”

My life rarely (or has never) looked 100 percent how I would like it to, just like everyone’s. Even after a really bad day or just a moment of anger/sadness, etc I try to see the positives or simply get back on to the ‘happiness path’, because smiling makes you feel so god damn good.

I’m not going to preach to you about happiness, but I have tried to concise the three best tips on ‘being happy’ as such. These are things which I do and have also read about.

1. Be happy now, today – right this second!
I hear and often find myself looking forward to future happiness. Let me start by saying – there’s nothing wrong with that. Of course we all look forward to summer or christmas or that concert you really can’t wait for. However it’s equally important to see the good in what’s happening in the present day. I’m trying my hardest to be grateful for the things I have more in 2014 as part of my new years resolution. The ability to appreciate what’s in front of you is an important life skill. In fact, look around you – what should you be grateful for?


2. Appreciate anything and everything
The simple pleasures in the life are quite often the best. Sometimes all it takes is a smile or a nice compliment to make your whole day that little brighter. When I’m unhappy I find that I’ve simply overlooked all the postives from the day and focused on the one negative. Focusing on the postives and the little things which make you happy is a sure fire way to add a little sparkle to your day.

3. Every day is a new beginning
This has been said a ton of times to me, and however much I hate it, this phrase tells the truth. Even if you’ve let yourself go to the stage of being unhappy -let’s face it, it happens to the best of us- you don’t have to stay there for long. Waking up at the start of a completely fresh, blank day is one of the best feelings, in my opinion. The opportunities that a new day presents is endless. You could change and improve yourself or you could look at it in the sense ‘it’s just one day, nothing can happen in a day’. The choice is yours.


I’m a true believer in that happiness is simply how you interpret what’s in front of you. Happiness never has and never will be about what you have. It’s a choice we can all make.

Earlier this week I felt unhappy for no real ‘reason’ as such. There’s a million and one ways people overcome little wobbles on their journey and I find writing is my way of release. I write about the things which have annoyed, upset or angered me. They’re normally pages droning on about an insignificant incident which will never be seen by anybody but myself but for some reason, these problems being on the paper means they’re no longer on my shoulders.

I choose to focus on the good in life as much as physically possible. My question to you is this – how will you spread some happiness in this coming week?

Be sure to check out my video below about the 10 things which make me happy!

Jodie xo

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