Blogging, exams and why change is needed.

Hey there fashion lovers!
I hope you are all super duper well! I’m just going to jump straight into this blog post…

I started this blog on April 1st 2013. I was in Year 10 at the time and there really wasn’t that much stress or work in my life – I had plenty of time to do extra-curricular things, go out with friends, etc. I decided at the time of creating my blog that I would be doing three blog posts a week. I chose this for numerous reasons but mainly because I wanted to keep it frequent (plus I just loved -and still do love – writing). However things have changed between now and what was 10 months ago. I am now in Year 11 at school and of course am about to embark into ‘EXAM SEASON’ *dun dun dunnnnn*. I have at times felt the strain between keeping this blog going and completing homework, coursework and revision but have always pushed on.


If you guys haven’t realised by now, I really do LOVE having a blog. It has taken over my life day by day as I think of blog (and now vlog!) ideas whilst on the bus, in school and watching tv. I can’t even imagine what I’d now do without a platform to share my views. Whenever I’m asked to talk about myself in front of new people, the first thing that always comes out of my mouth is “Hi, my names Jodie and I write a blog” – it’s as simple as that.


Writing a blog is far from easy. I mean, it’s ‘easy’ in the sense that you’re just typing your own views and opinions. However you invest a hell of a lot of time into doing this (all by choice!). I spend at least 2 hours writing and researching for every blog post I do – that’s 8 hours a week. Multiply that 2 hours by the amount of blogs posts I’ve done in the last 10 months and you get 230. That’s equivalent to spending a straight week and half of writing. That’s not to mention the numerous hours of planning and making my blog as aesthetically pleasing as possible (…seriously, I try my best!). The last chunk of my time recently has gone into my vlogs. I always knew they would take a lot of work to do and I’m loving the process (mostly!). However each video has taken me over 2 hours to film, 3 or 4 hours to edit and 2+ hours uploading. I’m not even going to try and add that all up, but you can see what I’m getting at right? Basically, blogging and vlogging takes up a whole load of my time! But don’t get me wrong – I have loved every single second of doing it!


Now – going back to exam season. Clearly, spending 10+ hours of my ‘spare time’ doing my blog and vlog means that I don’t get much time to fit in everything else. It’s a constant juggle between blogging, school and general life. I have seriously worked my butt off between year 7 and year 11 and would like to think that I’m pretty dedicated to my education. Therefore I won’t let it slide in these crucial few months remaining. I enjoy my time blogging and see it as the best thing ever but when it comes to priorities, unfortunately one thing has to take presidence and it’s school. I would be so annoyed/frustrated/disappointed if I let things go in these months where everyone is preparing so vigorously. Therefore from now until the end of exam season (the end of June), I am proposing to do the following:

– Instead of my usual 3 blog posts a week which have always been promised and ‘the plan’ since I began writing – there will now only be one planned post. I will post on a Sunday evening. This post will be longer than normal, averaging around 1000 words. It will include my style icon of the week, a vlog and other fashion related stuff.

– HOWEVER – this doesn’t mean that there will only be one post a week. Whenever I have time or feel the need to get away from the World for a bit I will of course turn to this blog to write more posts – these of will be sporadic and I can’t promise when these will be.

I’m genuinely upset that I’ll be swapping my blog time for revision on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays but it’s something which I need to achieve and will be important for me in the future. I hope you all understand why I’m doing this and will continue to support and read my blog!

Jodie xo



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