Style Icon of the Week: The Kardashian Sisters

Hey there fashion lovers!
I hope you all had a fab weekend! This week my style icons are the Kardashian Sisters! I am normally quite indecisive about whether I like their style or not but after seeing some recent photos which Kourtney has put up on instagram I have truly fallen in love with some of their style choices.

This photo is of Khloe (left) and Kylie (right). Technically Kylie is Jenner and not a Kardashian but hey ho! I have already written a style icon post on Kendall and Kylie Jenner which you can read here –
I think both the sisters look beautiful here! I particularly like the blue theme of Kylie’s outfit and the long silky looking locks.

Another selfie from the girls, this time of Kylie, Kourtney and Khloe. This is a pretty recent post from Kourtney and I absolutely love the shades! Unfortunately it is nowhere near sunny enough to be out wearing those here in the UK! One random thing which I picked up on in this picture is doesn’t Kylie’s eyebrows look fab? Haha.

The last photo I have chosen is an oldie. I am in no way liking Khloe’s crimped (or should I say krimped?! hahahahaha) hairstyle. However I do like all of their dresses and their very bare-faced make-up. Stunning.

I think all the Kardashian’s have their ups and downs when it comes to fashion. My favourite Kardashian is definitely Khloe! She looks fab all the time and I love the types (and the colours) of clothes she wears. I’m also loving Kylie’s style which is uber cool -p.s. their hair is totally amazing too, right?

If you don’t follow these sisters on Instagram already, then what have you been doing?! Haha.

My style icons this week are the Kardashian Sisters, but who is yours? Tweet me their name and a reason why using the hashtag #MyStyleIcon to @madfashionlover or drop a comment below! You never know… next week it could be them!

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