My little beauty irritation: foundation samples

Hey there fashion lovers!
There’s been a really little thing bubbling up inside me over the months (maybe even years!) and I feel the need to finally speak of this small, insignificant problem. The problem is FREE SAMPLES, in particular free foundation samples. Just to clarify, I’m speaking about those little packets you get which are loosely attached to the inside pages of fashion/beauty magazines. Please, don’t get me wrong. I absolutely LOVE free samples; perfume is the best ever sample from a magazine and I’m a sucker for falling in love with every single one of them…oops! However I have many, many problems with these foundation samples…

For any of you who don’t know – I’m a MASSIVE fashion magazine hoarder. Over the last couple of years I have collected tons of magazines and have kept them all (it’s the best source of fashion inspiration ever!). With all these magazines obviously come numerous beauty samples. Nearly all of them I use but I have one type which I never use… FOUNDATION AND BB CREAM. (below is a photo of some my magazine collection)

I don’t use the foundation samples because I don’t wear foundation – obviously I couldn’t blame them for that! I don’t wear the foundation samples because none of them match my skin colour. From all the 70+ magazines I own I have never, ever come across a foundation/bb cream sample colour darker than ‘nude’.


Considering there is over 7 million people who are either Asian, black or mixed, if we guessed that half of them are women, then there’s 3.5 million women (black, Asian and mixed race) living in the UK (the numbers probably WAYYY more than this, but lets use this as an example). In every single magazine I’ve ever bought they have never included foundation colours such as ‘Mocha’ or ‘walnut’. That just seems absolutely wrong to me. They’re blatantly missing out on 3.5 million or so women living in the UK alone!

Another point I just want to mention is the lack of foundation/concealers/bb creams for darker skin girls. I’m not even a darker skin girl yet I can’t even find colours to suit me. So many major beauty labels miss out on the whole darker skin complexion completely – Max Factor only go up to ‘bronze’ in their ‘face finity all day flawless 3 in 1 foundation’. What the hell?

In my eyes the beauty industry seems to be targeting a certain type of person. It’d be nice if they expanded their ranges and for the magazines to remember that skin complexions other that ‘light’, ‘nude’ and ‘natural’ do exist.

If you’ve had a little irritating problem similar to me then I would LOVE to hear about it!

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