Don’t get swamped in a christmas party dress!

Hey there fashion lovers!
Obviously, it being the Christmas season in which there is party after party (..I wish) I couldn’t miss out on picking my top 10 Christmas party dresses. Whether it’s a work do, school party or a family get together there’s a stunning dress for every occasion! The Christmas season gives an excuse to wear something glittery, shimmery and outstanding! This post was going to be about my favourite Christmas party dresses on the high street, however with a bit of research I realised there were numerous revolting dresses which shouldn’t be worn by anyone – especially during this festive time. For once ALL the shops are guilty of displaying some of the worst designed dresses I have ever seen and still selling them for extortionate prices- the cheek of it! So today I have to express my dismay at the dresses I have seen…

The worst Christmas dress award has to go to New Look. I have always been a big fan of New Look, but after seeing their Christmas dresses range I really can’t defend them. Unfortunately there wasn’t just one bad dress, or two or three, the majority of their dresses were in some way unappealing! You can always tell a dress isn’t too great when even the model doesn’t look good in it!

There were many factors affecting my reasoning for not liking a lot of the dresses in New Look. Apart from the dress not being designed well, I found other reoccurring things. For one, the stylists have paired black party dresses with worker/biker boots. I’m all for casual dressing but these boots aren’t working with the party dresses and certainly don’t get me into the festive spirit, no thanks! The other point I have to make is that why can we never see the models heads on the New Look website? It really frustrates me. Maybe if I saw the whole photograph (instead of a decapitated model) I would be more sold into buying the dress – and I’m sure it would make the dresses look better!

However New Look is not the only shop guilty of poor party dresses. Both H&M and Topshop aren’t much better. It seems as if the shops have decided to take a ‘trend’ dress and make it christmassy by adding sparkles or a luxe fabric. Skater and split dresses in velvet and lace are the most popular dresses at the moment – they’ve been in absolutely every shop I’ve looked at. However that doesn’t make it good – and I for one am not enjoying this trend.


Can I bring your attention to the dress in the middle – look closely at it. This dress is a complete and utter mash-up of at least three top trends – velvet, skater style, mesh/cut out. This is a speedily designed dress to say the least. I think this dress was designed more to keep up with the current trends than to actually compliment a woman’s body – unfortunately this is a routine becoming common in the high-street. It’s a cat and mouse situation between the top designers and the high street knock-offs.

My last point is about the dress furthest on the right, it looks pretty awful, right? Well you would kind of be right. This photo really isn’t selling the dress well – the models stance, tied- up hair, lack of jewelry and hugely lengthened legs makes this dress look rather tacky. However, I walked into a H&M shop, tried on this exact dress and bought it about a month ago. It looked a thousand times better than this image and is something I’d definitely wear again. However I would never dream of purchasing this dress online because it doesn’t look good! Photos and reality are just so different!

However. there are some decent christmas party dresses out there – you just have to look a bit further and harder this year! I particularly like the ones on Boohoo:

Oooh! I just love a reason to spend hours looking online at dresses!

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  1. gettingontheladder 23rd December 2013 / 11:00 pm

    So glad I’m not the only one who is unimpressed! I normally treat myself to a new party dress each year but this year it was impossible (ok I am fussy) to find a semi acceptable one!

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