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Hey there fashion lovers!
Hope you guys are alright! I got some really good feedback about the video blogging idea, so I’m super excited about showing you that soon! As you must have gathered by now, I absolutely love shoes. I’ve got a fairly good collection of shoes but I’m always looking for other pairs and there’s over 5 pairs which are on my ‘wishlist’. I decided that today I would show you a few pairs of some of my favourite shoes that I own at the moment – I was going to do them all but then I thought that could be really long and boring!

So firstly, these are a pair of turquoise platform heels which I bought for my 16th Birthday a couple of months ago. I fell in love with them in the shop (they were from this small independent shoe shop and were really inexpensive) and I just had to buy them. In no way are they the most comfortable shoes in the world, but I have got used to them and the platform obviously makes them easier to walk in (because the heel height is technically ‘reduced’ by the platform). I think they’re absolutely gorgeous and worked well with my outfit (I dressed up as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin). However I have NO idea when I’ll wear them next, so for the time being they just stay and look pretty on top of my wardrobe.

Next, is my pair of Dr Martens. I’m slightly obsessed with the look of Dr Martens and this pair were bought as school shoes. Although I don’t like the low ones as much, I still think they look good and are very classic in black. I really do love my Dr Martens and I know that if I look after them then they should last me a good ten years (or a lifetime maybe!). The whole Dr Marten brand is fab and I often find myself browsing through their site after supposedly going on the computer to do homework. Even though I bought these as school shoes, I think they’re really versatile and can be worn with a variety of things – and are perfect for giving a ‘girly’ outfit a bit of an edge.

These are my gorgeous Upper Street shoes which I have already previously blogged about ( but couldn’t resist mentioning them again. I always get excited about having an event to wear these shoes out to. I think it’s the fact they feel so good on your feet – the leather insole is so smooth it feels like you’re walking on the most expensive carpet known to man! They’re the only pair of pointed courts I own, but I certainly want another pair now because they look so chic and sophisticated. Good shoes make me smile, but these shoes make me smile even brighter, seriously, I love them.
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These are another fairly recent purchase of mine. After I wrote my blog post about autumn ankle boots about a month ago, I thought it was only right to get myself some. These are from New Look and were around £27 if I can remember correctly. They feel really comfortable and I love the fact I can wear them with my cosy slipper socks to keep my feet extra warm during this cold weather. The heel height is also fab because it means I can wear the boots both as a day boot but also as party/evening shoes – definitely worth the money!

Lastly are my pink Dr Marten boots. These were my first ever pair of Dr Martens – barring the fact I rocked numerous pairs as a toddler – and I got them as a christmas present about 3 or 4 years ago. They’re patent leather and are ‘eye popping’ bright. As these are my first pair of DM’s they’re obviously special to me, however I don’t wear them as much anymore. They still fit (which is a miracle) but they seem to have taken a back seat to the my burgundy DM’s which I got for my birthday last year. However, that said, I’m going to make a conscious effort to wear them more because I love, love, love them. These are the pair of shoes I think I’ll still have when I’m 20 – they never get old!

So those are a few of my favourite shoes! I’ve always got a constant shoe wishlist and I’m hoping all my favourites will go on January sales so I can bag them all for less *crosses fingers*. I would love to see photographs of your favourite pair of shoes too, and you can tweet them to me @madfashionlover or look at the contacts page to see of other ways to send them to me.

Have a fab weekend (I’m putting up my christmas tree this weekend whoop whoop! haha) and as always my next post will be on Monday!

Jodie xo

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