Brighten up your winter wardrobe with PASTELS!

Hey there fashion lovers!
It’s Friday! *insert screams of joy* Today I’m talking about winter pastels, which was a blog suggestion by the lovely and stylish Inaara! I love pastel colours but always associate them with spring and would therefore probably start introducing them into my wardrobe around Easter time. However Inaara helpfully enlightened me on the winter pastel trend which seems to be sublimely going on everywhere. New Look have the biggest pastel trended pieces around at the moment so I’ve based this post on the garments which are currently on sale in New Look. You can have a look at the whole winter pastel range here:

I’ve picked out my favourite pieces from their range; it was hard to choose!

I’m really loving this lace top from New Look. It comes in either cream or shell pink; I’d go for cream every time, definitely not a fan of the shell pink! I think this top is cute because it could easily be taken from day to night with a simple change of accessories. For example, you could team this top with a pair of jeans and some white converse (vans, ballet flats, boots and other trainers would work just as well), a warm snuggly scarve and a little shoulder bag. That would be a perfect shopping/day out outfit, and I would obviously throw on a parka coat for some warmth. However you could just as easily make it into a going out outfit by wearing leather style trousers/black skinny jeans/ pencil skirt and teaming it with a statement necklace and a leather jacket. Now tell me this top wouldn’t be £14.99 well spent?

Next up is this christmas/winter style jumper. I love the slight twist on the usual christmas jumper; by printing it in mint I think it looks chic and stylish. Although I love the look of this jumper, the fact that it is £27.99 really puts me off. I wouldn’t necessarily choose this jumper to spend £30 on. It’s not like the jumper isn’t worth the money there’s just 101 other things I would purchase before this. Anyways, if you’ve got the money and want to be uber fashionable then you could buy this jumper – it’s like a really on season jumper considering it’s christmas themed, it’s pastel coloured and it’s a fluffy jumper (perfect for winter!). I think this jumper would look best with skinny jeans and winter boots – it’s always good to keep warm!

Lastly is this casual v neck dress. I’ve probably featured tons of these style dresses on this blog. I think it would be really handy as a ‘go to’ outfit. Like when you just need to quickly pop to the shops or meet a friend. However, I think this dress could be slightly dressed up to impress by adding some other statement pieces, a cool pair of black boots, a nice necklace, you get the drift… Anyways I love this dress so much, so this is a personal plea to my mother – please, please, please can you get me it? It’s only £7.50. All in the spirit of christmas, right? Haha.

Well I hope you love my post and the garments I chose as much as me! The support this week has been incredible regarding my blog, and I’ve had tons more views which is always exciting… Next week is the big week and my 100th post surprise will be on Wednesday – which I’m super excited about! I’ll be working hard this weekend to get everything prepared and like always my next post will be on Monday! Have a fab weekend!

Jodie xo

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