Staying warm, keeping stylish

Hey there fashion lovers,
It’s cold. It’s windy. It’s rainy and there is definitely, definitely no sun to be seen… but hey, that’s what British winter is like, right? Well, through these damp, cold winter months (in which I constantly forget go on well past Christmas) it’s important to love and care for your wardrobe as much as you do in the spring/summer. Winter time is the best period to stock up on jumpers, scarves, hats, gloves, scarves and of course a perfect winter coat. Today I’ve found some of my favourite winter purchases, which you can (hopefully) get some inspiration from!

Obviously, you guys should already know my love for Topshop… well, to be honest, I think everyone has a bit of a love for Topshop really. I saw these really cute mulberry fur pom cable knit beanie (£14) and mittens (£10). I don’t really know why I love them so much. I think it’s because of the chunky knit look which is uber warm and comfy. Plus I’m a ‘purple girl’ – purple anything I love.

Caroline Flack has been seen sporting the same fur pom cable knit beanie from Topshop in camel. I love it and I think she’s definitely chosen the right colour which works well with both her skin and hair tones.

Another shop which does really good quality, stylish winter wear is Zara. I found a knit bonnet with a pompom in mustard (which is another colour which I’m completely loving). It’s £9.99 which is slightly cheaper than Topshop’s ones. Then I came across a matching chunky knit scarf – embarrassingly I was actually so happy about this discovery, haha! Again it’s £9.99. However if you’re not fond of the mustard look this season, then you can always opt for the scarf in either black or ‘ecru’ (which from what I can gather is basically white).
Untitled-1 copy

New Look is the last shop I looked at for this post. New Look is one of the best (well, in line with H&M) shops for inexpensive, good, stylish items. I love loads of their stuff but particularly enjoy shopping online (the crummy New Look where I live really isn’t good). I found these tan cream faux shearling mittens (£6.99). I remember really hating these mittens about 5 years ago when it felt like everyone I saw was wearing them. However, I think my views changed on them and I think the colour would go with literally all of my outfits. The next thing I saw made me smile, and for that reason just had to be on my blog. Normally I’m not even a ‘massive’ Christmas fan but this year every Christmas related thing makes me as excited as a little 5 year old kid. I think this hat is gorgeous, especially for a little Christmas eve walk, right? It’s £7.99 and is sure to get you in the festive spirit.

So those are my favourite winter accessories from Topshop, Zara and New Look. Whilst we’ve got the luxury of keeping warm (I’m guessing as you’re reading this post you’ve got the internet and other ‘luxuries’) others have no choice but to spend Christmas cold and lonely with no home, Christmas dinner or anyone to pull a cracker with. If you do one good thing this week, I would love it to be this:
You can help a homeless person this winter/Christmas whilst in your favourite coffee branch by purchasing a ‘suspended coffee’ when also ordering your own beverage in the shop. The suspended coffee idea in a summary means that you pay for two coffees but only receive one. The idea comes from Naples where many cafes started the ‘suspended coffee’. So you enjoy your coffee whilst the other one is reserved for a homeless person to receive for free. It’s an anonymous act of charity which is sure to leave both the giver and the receiver very happy. Starbucks (the most fashionable coffee chain of the moment) and Costa Coffee are both proud ambassadors of this scheme to help the homeless (check to see there specific ‘suspended coffee’ details).



Personally, I absolutely love the idea of a ‘suspended coffee’ and will be sure to order one next time I’m purchasing a drink! I hope you liked my winter post and will offer a small gesture of kindness to someone in OUR community who may be finding things tough.

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