Style Icon of the Week: Kate Moss

Hey there fashion lovers!
I hope you’ve all had a super duper weekend! As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve completely changed the layout of my blog – what do you think? Like? Dislike? I would love to hear your opinions. I think I’m liking it at the moment although it will take a bit of getting use to! I changed it just to shake things up a bit, make it seem slightly fresher. I’m undecided about whether or not to add a background image…thoughts on that would be good too!

Secondly – IT’S DECEMBER! Which means a whole month of Christmassy fun – yes, I’m pretty excited. I’ve planned what each December post will be about and of course it will all be themed around Christmas and winter. There will be a special blog post on Wednesday 11th December which will reveal my 100th post surprise… so make sure you’re reading!

This week my style icon is the extremely famous, highly photographed English model, Kate Moss. Moss has graced the covers of practically every magazine which has existed as well as being the face of numerous designer brands including the likes of Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Rimmel, Calvin Klein, Chanel and Supreme. In between her modelling career, Kate Moss has designed a collarboration with Katy England for Topshop, launched her own fragrance and body lotion as well as winning one of the top accolades within the modelling industry – Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. Moss is also considered an International fashion icon and is still continuing to rock in the world of fashion – even at the age of 39! Take a look below at my favourite outfits of hers!

Kate Moss is an absolute beauty in my eyes. Here she wears a simple Supreme t-shirt teamed with a fur jacket/coat thing. I really like her relaxed hair and the simple make-up (practically just the black eyeliner and mascara) which are both on trend at the moment. However I don’t condone Kate Moss’ cigarette which she’s holding – not so cool for your health.

Here, again Kate Moss works her stuff in front of the camera. She wears a gorgeous elegant looking dress with Hollywood style curls and deep red lipstick (I think). Moss looks stunning here, but is definitely more famed for her laid back skinny jeans and a tee kind of style which she made so ever famous.

Lastly Moss takes to another elegant looking dress. A very glamorous photo here- make-up and hair styled precisely which is very different to the grunge look which Moss so regularly goes for.

I think it’s amazing how big Kate Moss has become. From a 14 year old girl born in Croydon, London, Kate Moss was scouted at JFK airport at the tender age of 14 after coming back from a family holiday. Now, Moss’ face and body is everywhere, advertising the items we so wish we had. She’s become the face of British modelling and is known everywhere and anywhere. As well as being a style icon she also shows that it doesn’t matter where you come from – it’s about where you’re going…plus a bit of luck on the way helps!

My style icon this week is Kate Moss, but who is yours? Tweet me their name and a reason why using the hashtag #MyStyleIcon to @madfashionlover or drop a comment below! You never know… next week it could be them!

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