What to look out for in the coming months…

Hey there fashion lovers!
I am in love with autumn/ winter fashion. All the warm chunky knit jumpers, skinny jeans and boots make winter the comfiest time of the year in terms of fashion. The winter fashion scene is looking pretty exciting at the moment, there’s some cool patterns, prints and styles filling high street stores everywhere. I’m going to talk about three big trends for the coming months.

Tartan is the BIGGEST trend of the moment. It’s literally in every shop imaginable – Topshop, Loveclothing and Daisy Street to name but a few. No longer is it just a pattern/fabric associated with the Scottish. It’s now an international trend taking the fashion world by storm and has even been featured by designers such as Givenchy, Mulberry and Versace. There’s so many tartan garments which I’m loving at the moment:
I love, love, love this playsuit/dungaree like garment. To be honest there’s two reasons why I love them. 1) they’re dungarees (and I completely and utterly love dungarees) and 2) the tartan print completely works with them, I’m not sure if I love them more in red or blue?!

I’m also totally digging this tartan skater skirt which can be purchased from either loveclothing.com or daisy street. For £20 it seems like a fairly reasonable price.

Off the sleeve garments have obviously been around a while, and are of course (like practically everything in fashion) are a circulation of an old trend dating back to the 1950/1960. Again, I’m a real lover of the off the sleeve garments on sale at the moment – they definitely add an unusual slightly quirky look to your outfit. My favourite off the shoulder garments are:
So this was an off the shoulder dress I found from Topshop. I have to be honest here and say I can never imagine myself wearing it (I don’t know why, for some reason I don’t think it would suit me) but I do see how other people could rock this dress. With some biker/ Chelsea boots (or play it casual with some converse) and obviously tights to keep warm in this November weather, this dress could look pretty good.

You can also get off the shoulder skater dresses from New Look for £12.99 (they come in a range of colours).

A trend which certainly ties in and works well with the tartan trend is the punk/grunge look. Again, this trend has swiftly taken to the high street in the form of leather jackets, biker boots and studded accessories. In small doses this look can dodge the usual ‘gothic’ labels and instead can add a touch of edge whilst still looking casual and feminine. My favourite garment from this trend has to be:
If you want to ensure your outfits are still looking feminine, even with a grungy feel, why not mix leather with other fabrics? This biker jacket is a prime example of how teaming leather with softer patterned fabrics can really work.

What do you think of a few of this seasons top trends? Will you be purchasing any ‘trending’ items?


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