Sweatshirts – and why they’re so awesome

Hey there fashion lovers!
Today I’m clearly talking about sweatshirts. After being told numerous times that I must write a post about sweatshirts – which are apparently ‘amazing’ – I finally gave in. Before writing this post, as research, I scanned the virtual racks of the online shops in the hope to find some awesome sweatshirts. Now I’m not sure if you’ve noticed – but I’ve certainly seen this for sometime – that graphic t-shirts in the mens section of shops are like 100 times better than the same type of t-shirts in the womens section. The same goes for sweatshirts. Unfortunately the high street hasn’t realised that most women actually don’t want a stereotypical sweatshirt with a phrase to do with over shopping, a shoe, lips or heart motif and then a whole load of glitter. So basically what I’m trying to say is that all the sweatshirts featured in today’s post actually come from the mens section of the highstreet… but hey what’s wrong with that?

Okay so I think this sweatshirt from River Island is pretty cool. I love the grey Aztec print on this sweatshirt plus the ombre faded look. I think the best thing about it is that it’s grey – grey goes with practically everything! For £24 (to be fair it is on sale), I think it’s pretty decent!

This next sweatshirt is found in Topman and is £30. I’m pretty much in love with anything that has a massive slightly scary print on it – so this tiger printed sweatshirt is perfect. To top it all off the sweatshirt has a mesh panel on the front which gives it an unusual and unique feature.

And lastly is a sweatshirt from good ol’ H&M. It’s fairly generic and simple, and there’s a chance you’ll be one of many wearing this down the street but at least it’s comfortable. For a reasonable £14.99 it’s well worth a look, at least.

So here’s my last ‘sell’ on the sweatshirts. Sweatshirts are wonderful for the summer and winter and you can buy them in simple colours for a not too dressy feel. You can buy sweatshirts in a wide range of thicknesses too which means they’ll never look too bulky! But seriously, why would you not want a sweatshirt? Their best quality is their comfort!

Have a fab weekend, my next post will be on Monday.

Jodie xo


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