One thing which really bugs me… celebrity stylists

Hey there fashion lovers!
For all you avid readers who noticed I didn’t post on Wednesday, I’m sorry. It was my best friends birthday and I literally had no time that day to write a blog post – not even a short one! Today I’m going to have a quick rant about celebrity stylists. Can I firstly make it clear that I DO NOT have a problem with celebrity stylists – in fact I’d love to be one. My irritations are written below, so if you’d care to take a look…

We wonder why celebrities look so good literally 24/7, have multiple outfit changes per day and are hardly ever seen in the same clothes twice. Well that’s the work of a celebrity stylist. We are so often to compliment a celebrity on their amazing fashion sense that we don’t stop to realise that half the time they don’t even pick out the clothes they’re wearing. I know, I’m guilty of it too.

Jennifer Lopez before and after a stylist

In fact I’m so guilty of it that I find myself jealous of the £££’s spent on celebrity outfits – even if they wear them to go to the shops! Whether it’s the latest pair of ankle boots or a knit jumper which has only just come off the catwalk, I want it.

What we forget is that these people employ others to make them look good. They have make-up stylists to perfect their ‘gorgeous face’, personal trainers to keep them looking trim and celebrity stylists. A job of celebrity stylists for anyone who doesn’t know, is this. A celebrity stylists job is in short, to rearrange the old fashioned or outdated stuff with new, trendy and most unique pieces made for them. They not only have to keep up the latest trends (or even better, think of new trends) they also have to gather and collect all of the clothes. Imagine having someone who would give you something which looked good to wear everyday. Life would be pretty easy, right?

Zoe Saldana before and after a stylist

Not only do celebrities often have stylists, they also tend to get a lot of their clothes for free. IT’S AN OUTRAGE! Haha. It’s fairly logical if you think about it though. If designers want their product to be bought globally – giving a few celebrities free garments would give the designer publicity and therefore more money potentially.

Megan Fox before and after a stylist

So, next time you’re flicking through the latest magazine comparing your style to celebrities style, remember this: celebrities get a lot of help in deciding what to wear. Celebrities images have now become so important (even before talent in numerous cases) that every single element is catered for. They also have a pretty massive selection of clothes to choose from, with celebrities such as Beyoncé and Rihanna being so style crazy that millions of designers globally want them to be wearing their pieces. Don’t be so hard on yourself, I’m sure if you had the same resources that Beyoncé does, you’d be looking pretty damn stylish too.

Have a lovely weekend, my next post will be on Monday!
Jodie xo

Please note: I’m generalising ‘celebrities’ quite a lot here. Not all celebrities have day to day stylists – in fact some are really against them. However when we’re looking at people like Rihanna, Beyoncé and other major female celebrities it is most likely they will have stylists. Also, even if a celebrity does have a stylist, some do get lots of creative control of what they wear, eg. Lady Gaga.

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