So… hot celebrity men, huh? Don’t mind if I do.

Hey there fashion lovers!
Firstly can I just apologise for how late this blog has been posted. School and my own fashion hunt has delayed the posting of this blog, oops. I can’t believe this is my first ever men’s fashion post! 6 months, 67 posts and just about 3,000 views later I’m finally doing what I’ve been promising for months. I’m not going to lie – I’m scared. Since I can remember I’ve been commenting on women’s fashion from my own style, to my friends and families, I’ve always had an opinion. However men’s fashion is a whole different ball game – one which I’m not sure I’m ready for. But I’m going to give it my best shot, and I’d love your opinions, views and thoughts on what I’m about to write.

For my first ever men’s fashion post I’m going to briefly talk about 5 celebrity men who I think are pretty stylish.

1. David Beckham
So, yesterday I took to twitter to ask people who they considered as a stylish celebrity man. Mr Becks was suggested by the lovely Helin, and I couldn’t agree more with her choice! Beckham looks amazing for the 38 years in him – in fact I would go as far to say that he gets hotter with age. *realises I’m going off topic* Anyways back to his fashion sense. Becks looks good in a casual t-shirt and jeans, scrubs up nicely in a suit (which is always perfectly fitting) and of course the trench coat seems like a must with the Beckham boys.

2. Will Smith
will smith
Here’s another man who brushes up well! Will Smith is a guy who really knows how to rock a suit – I suppose he’s been to enough red carpets to get the hang of things! Also, I just need to add that Jaden Smith isn’t too bad either, haha! Both their style rocks – casual and dressed up, they pull it off well.

3. Zac Efron
I’m not even going to pretend and lie – Zac Efron has been considered ‘well dressed’ to me since High School Musical *major cringe*. He does look quite dapper in a suit, but I prefer the more cool, casual Efron in jeans and a nice printed tee.

4. Zayn Malik
Over the years Zayn Malik has grown and developed his own fashion identity. I love the boho vibe which is seen in many of his recent outfits – no doubt down to the influence of his fiancés (Perrie Edwards, Little Mix) own style. Another thing I love about Zayn Malik’s outfits is the amount of high street clothing he wears – yes it really is possible to look good in high street clothes.

5. Tinie Tempah
Lastly but by no means least is Tinie Tempah. What can I say other than OMG? I would’ve never suggested anyone to wear an all bright red suit but he really does pull it off. Hats off to you sir because you’ve taken stylish to a whole new level! LOVE LOVE LOVE.

So there’s my first men’s fashion blog post. What d’ya think?

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