Looking good whilst working up a sweat – the gym kit list

Hey there fashion lovers!
So today I’m going to confess a little bad habit with you all. Basically whenever I want to do something – go swimming, start up jogging, etc, I always want to buy some new ‘gear’ to get me started. Like recently I’ve wanted to do some running and jump rope but I really want a new pair of trainers to do it in! It’s not just me, right? So I thought I’d write a bit about gym kit in the hope to a)get some new sporty style ideas and b) encourage me to actually EXERCISE.

Hmm, so when I think of a gym ‘checklist’ I think casual t-shirt, sports leggings and trainers. However, little did I know there’s a whole world out there dedicated to creating variety in sports wear. I took some time to research it and found two great websites to buy stylish sports wear.

Celebrities seriously know how to rock a sports wear look. Maybe it’s because they’ve got paps around them 24/7 and therefore they’re always trying to look decent, because I know everyday people do not go to the gym with the make-up and clothes some of these celebrities do. However you can always take lessons and tips from how some people style themselves. I’ve picked a few particularly stylish gym goers to have a look at!

Eliza Doolittle – previous Style Icon of the Week and permanent fashion lover- looks pretty good here. Okay so maybe it’s the curly hair… you all must know my thoughts on naturally curly hair, right? I also love the jacket… although does it really need a hoodie underneath aswell? Too much me thinks. Eliza cleverly wears black out sunglasses to avoid the paps seeing her with barely any make-up on! Clever, clever.

Next up is Vanessa Hudgens! I actually love this girls style so much and I should definitely feature her on style icon of the week sometime soon! I LOVE the cute top knot and the colourful leggings – it really gives a ‘POP’ to the outfit. The top also looks good, but I question its practicality at the gym.. hmm.

And lastly is Miley Cyrus. The stand out garment of her outfit has to be her leggings. It’s a really cute, simple design but it looks fab! The different coloured waist band draws attention to her waist and teamed with the crop top, means everyone’s eyes are on her flawless stomach. This girl obviously goes to the gym a lot!

So I hope I’ve opened up your minds a bit about the variety of sports wear on offer. No longer do you have to stick to boring colours with even duller garments. Branch out and buy something a bit different… stun all those people at the gym!!

Have a fab weekend and my next post will be on Monday… (bear with me though because I’m on holiday and hunting down WiFi spots!).

Jodie xo

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