The BIG differences in ‘Work Wear’

Hey there fashion lovers!
Today I’m talking about the differences in work wear. Whilst growing up I always assumed that when I went to work I’d be wearing a pencil skirt, a shirt and a blazer. However times have changed very quickly -especially for women- and although men are generally still expected to wear a good shirt and suit trousers, women have gained a lot of flexibility. In the post below I will be looking at the creative industry vs. the corporate sector.

The Creative Industry
The creative industry is the best place for those who want to wear pretty much what they want. There aren’t as many restrictions as the corporate world. It’s all about how you’re feeling and what you feel like wearing. However sometimes being in the creative industry can give you too much free rein. My advice for those in the creative industry (or work in a place with less clothing restrictions) is this:
Keep sharp. By this I mean just because you can wear pretty much anything doesn’t mean you should. Present yourself properly – no badly fitted garments, creased shirts or dirty skirts. You’re still working and therefore need to present yourself in the right way.
Be unique, individual and quirky. This may seem obvious but make sure you stay true to you when you dress. Sometimes the pressure of what everyone else is wearing in the office sways you to make choices that shouldn’t of really been done.
Don’t be OTT. Okay so basically don’t go over the top with your style choices. A fluorescent pink skirt with matching pink accessories is really not the way forward. Always stick by the phrase ‘less is more’.


So in all, I really do like the ‘no boundaries’ way of dressing in the creative industry. Of course offices and places of work vary so while one may be very loose others may inflict rules such as ‘no jeans’ or use the common phrase ‘smart casual’.


The Corporate Sector
The corporate sector is literally the complete opposite of the creative industry. I may seem old fashioned but what comes to my mind is men dressed in suits and women also dressed in suits. My worst nightmare. There’s nothing wrong with a good quality fitted suit, but these aren’t that common. Too often do I see women dressed in a skirt suit which looks so frumpy and shapeless that they might as well be wearing a bin bag. The Primark uniform springs to mind there.

Personally I would seriously never want to work in such a corporate environment. I don’t like the fact that someone more senior than me would decide if what I was wearing is appropriate enough. Skirts below the knee, hardly any flesh showing and either flats or conservative heels. I really don’t want to be in the same set rules as school for the rest of my life, that would literally be my worst nightmare. However one positive from the corporate sector clothing is that you don’t have to take too much time sorting out your outfit every morning. It’s very much a ‘mix and match’ sort of thing. Pick a skirt (black/grey/navy), grab the matching blazer and choose a complimenting shirt or blouse and pop on the same black shoes. Done. Easy peasy.

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As you’ve probably guessed I prefer the creative industry work wear much more than the corporate work wear. I suppose as a lover of fashion it only makes sense that I pick the industry which allows room for imagination and individualism by the use of our clothing choices. Do you have a preference? A difference of opinion? Explain your side of the argument in the comments below!

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