Style Icon of the Week: Blake Lively

Hey there fashion lovers!
I hope everyone’s had a super duper weekend. This week my style icon is Blake Lively! Whether acting in the television series Gossip Girl (as Serena Van De Woodsen) or posing in front of cameras in everyday life, Blake Lively never fails to impress. For years I have loved her style. She’s been on most of the top magazines talking about her fashion sense, her beauty regimes and her love of cooking – a constant person in the limelight. From her hair to her smile, to her perfectly tanned legs, Blake Lively seems pretty close to perfection! Take a look below at my favourite outfits of hers!

1. Okay, so this is my favourite outfit without a doubt. In my opinion Blake looks absolutely stunning. With a strapless dress and her hair tied up in a ponytail Blake shows off her gorgeous skin and toned arms. Then we move onto the dress itself. Where do I start? I’m actually in love with it, for once a designer has pulled off the use of black and yellow together without making the wearer look like a bumble bee! The stunning Aztec pattern with the brightness of the yellow, leaves Blake looking fresh and vibrant – love, love, love!
Fashion's Night Out: The Show at Lincoln Centre, New York, America - 07 Sep 2010

2. Blake Lively’s gone all Hollywood on us with this look! First of all can we just point out the fact that matching lipstick and nails is actually amazing – red and red work perfectly! Blake’s voluminous golden blonde curls look wonderful too. And then we get to the dress… I think it works perfectly for her figure – and probably somewhat enhances it. I really love the bodice of the dress- the neckline and the pattern. In my eyes this is a perfect dress much suited to the red carpet.

3. Here is one of the more casual outfits worn by Blake Lively. In this one I think she also looks fab. As always, Blake’s hair looks great and her accessories team together well. I really like the blazer with the turned up sleeves which compliments both the top and the skirt. If I had to change one thing I’d probably just make the skirt a tad longer – I mean Blake, your legs are pretty good but you don’t have to show them ALL the time!
Burberry Lights Up NYC Skyline

Blake Lively always seems to have fun with her fashion. She is constantly re-inventing classic pieces and teams them together almost effortlessly. From her signature locks to her constantly changing fashion sense, I love everything about her!

My style icon this week is Blake Lively, but who is yours? Tweet me their name and a reason why using the hashtag #MyStyleIcon to @madfashionlover or drop a comment below! You never know… next week it could be them!

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