The hair dying bandwagon… are you on it?

Hey there fashion lovers!
Today I’m going to be talking about hair dying. To be able to go from blonde to pink to brunette and then back to blonde seems like a miracle – however it’s certainly not, with the help of hair dye. Hair dying trends have hit people like mad over the last few years. It has become increasingly easier to dye your hair in the comfort of your own home – resulting in cheaper costs. Dip-dying has been a top hair dying craze – and done well, can look amazing. However after seeing anyone from the ages of 6 to 60 sporting this ‘dip-dyed’ trend has kind of put me off the whole idea. Along with dip-dying, dying your hair in an array of crazy colours has also become very popular – pinks, purples, electric blues and so on, no doubt made popular by celebrities.

“Hair dying damages your hair”
So the main factor putting people off dying their hair is the idea that all hair dye damages your hair. However with a bit of research you could easily find hair dye which is not as damaging as traditional hair dye. There are many different factors involved in whether or not dying your hair will really damage it. Obviously permanent hair dye damages your hair more. This is normally because of two reasons. Number one, permanent hair dye generally has more chemicals in it because it needs to last on your hair for longer. Secondly, permanent hair dye is considered more damaging because you tend to have to re-dye your hair in order to escape the dreaded natural roots appearing. Therefore I would say semi-permanent hair dye is a better choice- especially for those who are first time dying or are not 100% sure about your colour choice.

Okay so everybody seems to be dying their hair around now. Red-ish/gingery colours seems like the top colour at the moment. No longer are gingers criticised about their hair colour – now everybody wants to be strutting their stuff with ginger hair. Personally I actually really love the colours people are dying their hair at the moment. HOWEVER – I have a plea to the world which I would love to make. Can people now STOP dying their hair the same red-ish colours as everybody else? I thought that people were dying their hair red because 1) it’s a nice colour and 2) it’s not like everybody else. So if you’re planning on dying your hair red in the near future, I would encourage you to rethink. Why not try another colour or shade, try something different and maybe start a new trend. The best thing to do is find a shade which suits you – don’t just dye your hair to fit in with everyone else!

Dip- dying is also a mega trend at the moment (well to be fair it is kind of dying out). Like the red hair trend, I really do LOVE dip-dyed hair. However as always there are some people who put me off with their green hair dip-dyed pink – ewwww why would you?
Celebrities with dip-dyed hair which I like:
Believe it or not, Caroline Flack was actually one of the first people who started off my love for dip-dyed hair. Her ombre locks look lovely, healthy and thick. I think Caroline has got the colour right – it really works with her skin colour.

So I came across this amazing picture of Khloe Kardashian on the internet. I LOVE her hair dip-dyed and slightly lighter, in my opinion it looks much better than her dark hair.

Lastly is this picture of Demi Lovato. Although I could never imagine walking around with pink hair myself, I love the confidence women have to rock that hair colour. Being true to yourself, your identity and your personality is important, so if you love pink, wear pink!

Celebrities with dip-dyed hair which I don’t like:
So normally I really like Jessie J’s style but the purple and black dip-dyed hair? Nah. It makes her look sharp and very pale. However I’m loving her new buzz cut… love, love, love.

Cher Lloyd. What can I say? This hair colour is absolutely not working- whatever hair stylist in charge of this monstrosity should be ashamed.

In all, my opinion on hair dye is mixed. Whilst I would never consider dying my whole head a different colour, I definitely get ‘hair colour envy’ from girls with beautifully dyed locks. My only advice could be this: really consider what dye you use/what colour you dye your hair, etc, because it’s not worth ruining your hair for that perfect 10 week colour – seriously.

This is by no means the whole of my opinion on hair dying (I could go on for hours if I could). However as I type my 800th and something word, I should probably stop here. Part two of this post will be coming sometime soon!

Have an amazing weekend – my next post will be on Monday!

Jodie xo


  1. Sylvie 2nd August 2013 / 10:03 pm

    Just one more thing: OLIA from Garnier doesn`t contain any chemicals and not damaging at all. You should try it out. A less expensive version is the HEALTHY LOOK from L`Oreal, which is also not that damaging, but contains h-peroxide.

  2. Sylvie 2nd August 2013 / 9:58 pm

    Before you do anything, choose a hair stylist you can trust and knows what she/he is doing. Then save some money for keeping up the results every month… You have to, because you`ll be disappointed a few weeks later – and switch back to your natural hair color… This is the truth about hair dyes, ombre look (which also requires special treatments at home) – just to mention some stuff.

  3. nataliejo210 2nd August 2013 / 9:25 pm

    I love this article! Just started a blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! Followed btw xx not on the bandwagon yet

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