Reasons why a girl can never have too many shoes

Hey there fashion lovers!
Happy Wednesday. Today I’m trying to justify my reasons for my love for shoes – okay, it’s pretty much a shoe addiction. When trying to convince my parents that I really DO need another pair of trainers, ballet pumps, sandals, heels, etc I pretty much revert back to a standard list of excuses. After extensive research I hope to now enlighten you all into the world of shoe excuses. There’s no need to thank me. Haha!

1. They’re on sale
Okay so I admit – this is probably the excuse I use most often. I may go out shopping looking for some summer clothes and come back with a pair of converse shoes. Why? Because they were on sale of course! Whether I need new shoes or not, I can never walk past a sale without thinking about the mega savings I could be getting. But personally I think buying a pair of shoes on sale is a pretty good excuse – especially if you’ve been wanting ones like those for a while.

2. I need a ‘happiness boost’
In normal circumstances I would in no way endorse or promote the idea of retail therapy. However sometimes it’s just needed, right? To cheer up your mood (and your wardrobe) it can become necessary to go out and buy your favourite pair of shoes. Obviously without sufficient funds this idea of a ‘happiness boost’ will probably lead to short term happiness and long term financial difficulties – it’s definitely not an excuse for everyone.

retail therapy

3. I need them to go with a new outfit/hair colour/accessory/nail colour
We’ve all been there before- perfect dress, amazing bag, lovely nails and hair, but no shoes! Sometimes in order to achieve the ‘perfect outfit’ you need to go out and buy a pair of shoes. Yeah, they’ll go with that outfit, but really you just wanted a new pair of shoes!


4. I’ve got a special event to go to
This excuse is much like the one above. Whether you’re going to a wedding, a birthday party, a launch or just down the local social club sometimes there’s a need for a new pair of shoes. Buying shoes for an event is a fair enough excuse I would say. Many a time I’ve bought a pair of shoes for a certain event – as long as you wear them again afterwards then it’s all good, right?


Lastly the best excuse has to be my favourite shoe quote…Buying a pair of new shoes is okay because – give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world. (Say that in the right, calm tone with a genuine smile and who could say no?!).

Hopefully the next time you need to persuade someone that you desperately are in need of your favourite shoes you can use one of the excuses above.

Anyone aspiring to have a shoe wardrobe like the one pictured below? Send me a pic of your shoe collections to @madfashionlover

Happy shoe hunting/buying/wearing!

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