The Big Debate: Real animal skin or fake?

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Today is my 50th post!! Whoop whoop! I thought I’d just say a quick thank you for all the support- 50 posts with a collective of over 2,000 views in 60+ countries! Today I thought I’d try tackling a difficult but interesting debate. Real animal skin or fake animal skin – that is the question. So here goes – have a read below and then don’t forget to vote at the end!

For many the idea of wearing animal fur or skin as clothing garments makes people sick. However some people do see the positives and the advantages of producing luxury products made from animals.

I for one am not set in my ways as to whether animal fur and skin should be used for luxury products – maybe being educated more about this would help me make a definitive decision. As a meat eater I don’t see as much of a problem with animal fur and skin as many others. It is essentially using the leftover parts of an animal which is consumed by humans – e.g. leather made from cows skin. The use of fur is technically ‘environmentally good’ seeing as it is leaving very little to waste.


Others would also say that by killing animals for their fur or skin is essential for the survival of species. Many animals will die of hunger, disease or they may be killed by other animals. The principle of ‘sustainable use’ explains how most animals produce more young than nature could support to maturity. Therefore by killing some animals for their fur and skin we are ‘helping to support further animals to maturity’.

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The other side of the argument is also fierce. There is a strong support group of people who believe it is wrong to kill animals merely for their fur/skin (and even to kill animals period). The PETA organisation (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is probably the strongest support group in this field. They believe that ‘animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way’.

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PETA also have a strong network of celebrity supporters which includes Pink, Pamela Anderson and Eva Mendes. If you’re interested in finding out more about the use of animal skin and fur then you should definitely check them out ( However, do remember that as an organisation fighting against the use of animals for clothing the information on their website will all be based around the negatives!

So my synopsis is this. For some wearing animals as clothes is as complete no, no – especially those who choose not to eat meat. However for some people they either don’t care or believe that it is right to do so as long as it is done in the correct way. I’m still sitting on the fence with this argument. I agree with a lot of what’s said on both sides of the fence. However as the owner of a pair of snakeskin shoes (opps should I of not mentioned this?) then I can’t exactly be fully supporting the PETA. The thing is this – if I love a pair of shoes, being made of animal skin/fur is unlikely to put me off!

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