Style Icon of the Week: Kate Middleton

Hey there fashion lovers!
I hope everyone has had a great weekend. Today I thought it perfectly apt to talk about this week’s style icon – Kate Middleton. Kate Middleton -fully titled Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a Royal baby boy late this afternoon. For the last couple of years the Duchess of Cambridge has really shined in the world of fashion. She’s remained lady-like and modest without completely throwing out the window her own personality. Although not suited to everyone (I can’t see myself in many of the clothes she wears), I still think it’s important to recognise people who constantly dress amazingly. Take a look below at my favourite photos of Kate Middleton.

1. I have to start with the outfit which shot Kate Middleton into the magazine pages and fashion columns of the media worldwide. The anticipation of what she was going to wear was immense- personally I remember sat watching the TV wondering what it was going to look like, who would have designed it, etc. She nailed her wedding dress perfectly. I love the lace detailing and arms – it lets her show some flesh without really showing much at all. The cut and style of the dress just suits her, in my eyes there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the dress whatsoever. For the last year lower end designers have been trying replicate this dress for future weddings. In my opinion that’s really weird. I like the dress but I wouldn’t want to go down the aisle in a cheaper version of someone else’s dress – especially when everyone would have seen the real dress already!

2. Second to her wedding dress, this outfit is pretty super. Again the dress cuts in at her tiny waist which definitely shows off one of her greatest physical features. The detailing at the top and the length of the dress leaves her looking like a stunning Greek goddess. The metallic accessories only add to the already brilliant outfit – it gives the outfit more of a ‘wow’ factor as it works great against the pale dress fabric.

3. And lastly is this all red outfit. I’m not normally a fan of a one colour outfit such as the one below. I think wearing only one colour from head to toe can look too harsh but somehow Kate Middleton manages to pull it off. I think what makes it work is the nude shoes. The nude shoes leave the outfit looking elegant and stylish instead of what could’ve been a very boring, safe choice. The shape of the dress (… is it a skirt and top?) works great for Kate. This outfit is definitely perfect for any royal event.

Kate Middleton is definitely a style icon. She wears vibrant colourful clothes which actually works for her body type. She’s not afraid of experimenting with fashion, even within the confined restrictions of the Royal Palace itself.

My style icon this week is Kate Middleton, but who is yours? Tweet me their name and a reason why using the hashtag #MyStyleIcon to @madfashionlover or drop a comment below! You never know… next week it could be them!

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