School’s out, let’s PARTY

Hey there fashion lovers!
After another year of suffering most schools have finally reached the summer holidays! Summer holidays means no early mornings, no nasty school dinners and most importantly no uniform! So six weeks of no uniform leaves room for a whole lot imagination to not wear the same 10 outfits all summer round. Today I’ve found 5 key pieces which can be added to the rest of your wardrobe in order to create the perfect mix and match wardrobe!

Denim Shorts
A pair of denim shorts is key to any summer wardrobe. Whether you’re teaming them with a printed tee and converse’s or a preppy shirt and brogues, you’ll be able to rock numerous looks. They are so versatile! I’m currently on the hunt for my perfect denim shorts for summer ’13 and I’d suggest really thinking before you make a purchase. The ‘butt-cheek-shorts’ look really doesn’t suit everyone (or anyone) so you should buy a suitable length short which looks good on you body shape/type.

Printed trousers
Printed trousers are all the rage at the moment. They’re being worn by celebrities and high street fashionistas alike. They can pretty much be transformed into any type of outfit you need. Smarten them up with a peter pan collared shirt and ballet flats for an office outfit, add heels and a glitzy top to take you into the evening and even team with a crop top and over-sized bag for that perfect holiday look. Literally anything goes when teaming items with your printed trousers! Invest in a good quality, well fitted pair to carry you through all summer.

So the sun may be shining brightly down on us now, but when there’s a slight breeze in the air we need something to keep us warm. A stylish blazer or jacket can do just the trick. You can either stand out with a super cool colour (pastel colours always look great in the summer) or you can keep it simple and buy within the classic colours (black, white, navy and red). Whatever style you choose to buy, make sure that the material is lightweight- you want to keep warm, not over heat!

Printed tee/crop top
Everyone has their favourite top, right? Having a few cool printed tees in your wardrobe will definitely come in handy at some point during the summer. They are so, so versatile – you can wear them with skirts, jeans, shorts, printed trousers… everything! A crop top is also a good idea as long as 1) you have an alright mid-drift and have confidence to show it off and 2) it doesn’t show TOO much flesh. Printed tees and crop tops can easily add a much needed lift to a dull outfit – and they’re really not that expensive!
crop top

Plain skirt
Lastly, but just as needed is a plain skirt. One of the easiest ways to add a girly, feminine touch to your outfit (and your wardrobe) is by purchasing a skirt. The two most popular skirts at the moment have to be the skater skirt and the tight midi pencil skirt. Both of these are found EVERYWHERE on the high-street -literally you could not miss them! New look and Primark have a really good range of skater skirts at the moment – in fact I bought a hot pink one today! Skirts will make you feel fab and summery, they’re also a great way of letting the sun see your legs.

So there are my 5 must have pieces for the summer – denim shorts, printed trousers, a blazer/jacket, printed tee/crop top and a plain skirt. If you have a different ‘must have 5’ then tweet me them @madfashionlover or drop a comment below!

I wish you all a sun filled weekend!

Jodie xo

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