My Review of the Shops

Hey there fashion lovers!
After years of both bad and good service within high street shops across the UK, I thought it was about time I voiced my opinion. Shopping on the high street can be a major challenge at times – but sometimes it is also a great pleasure. Take a look below at my opinions on the top shops on the high street.

Primark- everyone’s favourite cheap clothes store. Bargain buys are what Primark are all about. To be fair there are some decent clothes in Primark, but that’s if you’ve got the time and patience to be searching through the tumbling piles of t-shirts and messy racks of dresses – oh and watch your step because you’re sure to come across a bundle of clothing or two on the floor! I would definitely recommend Primark to be people wanting cheap vest tops and other basics, but you’re certainly not in for a pleasurable shopping experience. My worst experience in Primark happened to me today in fact. Whilst walking into Primark with a friend, after school, the security guard told us to ‘wait in the queue’. A queue to get in to Primark? Just because we were school kids in uniform, we were told we would have to wait in a queue until others had left the shop! When we had eventually got into the shop, only 5 minutes later the security told us we would now have to leave because ‘we had been in the shop for 30 minutes and others were waiting’. I’m sorry Primark, but you need to fix up. That has to be customer service at the worst! So overall Primark is good for some cheap basic clothing but be warned, the customer service is beyond terrible.

New Look
I have often shopped in New Look. It’s kind of a ‘mid-range store’ with decent priced clothing. New Look has a lot of positives and negatives, however the thing I have noticed the most about it, is that the shops vary in quality a lot. For example, my local New Look is poor. With a very limited range of clothes, shoes and bags it’s almost impossible to find something I like in there… in fact I don’t know why I still do! However if I travel slightly further out I’ll find a much bigger shop with a wide range of clothes to choose from! New Look also have a website which you can check out ( but I find the way the clothes are photographed doesn’t really entice me to buy anything. In conclusion New Look is the kind of shop which you’ll be able to find something to buy, but the likely hood of that ‘something’ being an amazing garment is very slim.

Now we move on to H&M – one of my favourite shops. I absolutely love, love, love H&M! It is my ‘go-to’ shop and ever since it opened up in my local shopping centre I just can’t get enough of it. H&M sell very classic pieces with a modern, young vibe. It’s practically impossible not to come out of that shop clutching a bag or two worth of goods! My favourite thing about H&M has to be 1) that they always do really good garments with patterns and 2) the prices are amazing. Literally I think H&M is the most reasonably priced clothes store in the UK. They do good quality items for decent prices – and they often have sales! H&M also have a very good website which is well worth the look – although watch out because you’ll definitely end up ordering something! So basically what I’m trying to say is that H&M is an amazing shop which is well, well worth a look!

topshop logo
So I did say H&M was one of my favourite shops – well Topshop is the other one. Like most people I’ve gone a bit fashion crazy over Topshop. I love the unique pieces that Topshop offer – even if the price is slightly more than I can sometimes be willing to pay! If I could buy all (or most) of my clothes from Topshop I probably would. But the second best option is mixing and matching, and I think it works pretty well. I really can’t sing Topshop’s praises anymore than I already am, if by chance you haven’t come across this shopping heaven (where have you been!?!) then you should definitely take a look. Unlike Primark, I’ve always found Topshop to be a really friendly store, always looking neat. The shop assistants seem very helpful, plus they always look super stylish themselves! Like H&M, Topshop also have a great website where you can view and order a massive range of clothes. I urge you to look at it!

So there are my review of 4 of the biggest high street shops in the UK. I hope you like this post! I would love to know your own views on these and other shops so feel free to tweet me @madfashionlover or drop a comment below! I’m hoping to follow this post up with another review of the shops including River Island, Mango, Miss Selfridge and TkMaxx.


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