Sizzling Summer Dresses

Hey there fashion lovers!
Summer is officially here and even if we can’t tell just yet -stupid British weather- it doesn’t mean we can’t start planning. Top of my list this summer has to be some beautiful summer dresses. Perfect for both day and night they’re definitely the garment which I’ll be wearing all summer through. Take a look below to see my top 3 summer dresses from Topshop (because we all love that shop, right?).

1. I absolutely love this dress. It’s basically the more feminine version of sweatpants. These dresses are so comfortable and simple – plus they go with practically everything. For a laid back, casual look this dress does the trick. You can buy these types of dresses from loads of different shops, but I particularly like the Topshop ones- which at the moment are on-sale for a reduced £20! Check it out here –[438996|208523]&noOfRefinements=1
topshop dress

2. The Aztec print has been in shops for what seems like ages now but it still continues to shine. If you haven’t already got your hands on an Aztec print garment then this one could be for you! I love the stunning, bold print which looks great for the summer – just imagine sipping on an ice cold drink with the sun shining down on you whilst wearing this gorgeous dress… perfect right? Unfortunately this dress is a fairly expensive buy (£65) but it would last for ages… (
topshop dress 2

3. As you can probably tell by now, I love a printed garment or two. This Hawaiian Boat Print Sundress is another amazing summer dress. It has cut out detailing – which, by the way, is totally on trend right now – and is a fab length. This dress also happens to be in the Topshop sale and therefore is selling at a reduced price of £20. I love this dress because it seems so versatile – in the day you can wear it with converse and a casual jacket and in the evening you can team it with a simple pair of heels or fancy flats!
topshop dress 3

So there are my three favourite summer dresses at the moment! I’m loving bold prints and comfy fabrics – all perfect for summer! Make sure you check out the Topshop website for yourself because they’ve got loads of great items on sale – there’s nothing better than a fashion saving!

Have a good weekend everyone! My next post will be on Monday!

Jodie xo

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