Celebrity style gone wrong

Hey there fashion lovers!
Today I’m going to be talking about celebrity fashion fails. With every fashion success there’s literally hundreds of fashion fails, and no one fails more publically than celebrities. Sometimes it’s good just to remember that you’re not the only one who goes wrong with a couple of outfits occasionally. I have picked out some of the worst (and funniest) celebrity style fails to show you all – just take a look below!

First up has to be the one and only Rihanna. Fair enough , when she gets it right, she really gets it right – often looking stunning in beautiful red carpet dresses. However, it seems as if her stylist has taken a day off work and Rihanna’s temporarily lost her eye sight whilst strutting this outfit past the paparazzi. Seriously though, what was she thinking? The shoulder pads, bat wings and low V-neck are a huge no no – unless of course you’re typically going for the futuristic look.

This photograph is one which I couldn’t stop laughing at. I normally like most of the clothes Miley Cyrus wears – but this is just too much! Let’s start off by listing all the things wrong with her outfit. First up has to be her hair. How can we describe this? Lovely and ehh… spikey?! It is really NOT a good look – a style which should definitely not be replicated. The dress is not my cup of tea at all but if I remember correctly Kate Moss wore it to the Brits 2011 and looked pretty stunning in it. I think the problem here is that this really isn’t Miley Cyrus – it’s not what we’re used to seeing her wearing at all!

Lastly is Madonna. Let’s be honest here, is anything Madonna wears appropriate? It seems like its been years since Madonna wore anything remotely normal and this outfit is no exception! If I’m being totally brutal then the dress is horrible (what’s with all the scrunched up bits of fabric?), the hair accessory is freaky and the gloves are just weird. I would totally like to style Madonna! To show the world that you can actually look decent yet still have fun with your fashion would be great!

So there are three of the biggest fashion fails. All these celebrities can and do dress beautifully but it just shows that we all have our slip ups (even with very expensive fashion stylists may I add).

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