The Perfect Summer Wardrobe 2013

Hey there fashion lovers!
Since the weather is so nice I thought it was about time to talk about my ‘perfect summer wardrobe’. Getting out of the winter clothes and into the summer clothes is one of the best moments – finally you can ditch the chunky jumpers and jeans and instead shop for shorts, dresses, skirts, etc. However with the shops full of summer clothes in what’s seen to be the ‘latest colour, pattern, cut or fabric’ the summer shopping experience can seem somewhat daunting. I always decide the types of clothes I want to get every summer before I even head to the shops (seriously it’s a good idea- saves money and reduces the chances of impulse buying). So for the first time ever, I’m putting my list out in public to let you know what I’m looking out for this summer.

Top on my list every year has to be a pair of patterned jeans. Jeans work with near enough everything. They’re also the perfect solution to a cold, windy, rainy summers day (unfortunately there’s a lot of those with British weather!). I choose a pair of patterned jeans every year because they brighten up and outfit and are sure to be worn continuously! This year I’m totally loving these MOTO Vintage jeans from Topshop. They’re the perfect pair to wear in the summer as they’re cut shorter – which means you’re prepared for sun and rain!

Next on the list has to be a printed t-shirt! Printed t-shirts are a must all year round but are especially perfect during long summer days. There are tons of shops to get printed t-shirts from -with most being at reasonable prices- it’s just about choosing the ones which suit you! I love this printed tee from H&M. I think it’s an unusual t-shirt with an eye catching print. It can be teamed with denim shorts and sandals for a day look or can be loosely tucked into a skater skirt and worn with heels for a summers night.

Retro swimsuits are back with a BANG! This season you can find them practically everywhere on the high street! No longer is the swimsuit just for the ‘skinny girls’ – there is now a swimsuit to cater for everyone’s body shape! I’ve fallen in love with the retro bikinis on sale in ASOS.

To take a day look into the evening/night is a task made a lot easier with a blazer. Blazers are a perfect summer piece for 2013 as they are so versatile – worn with jeans, dresses, skirts, trousers and shorts! I’m pretty keen on this floral blazer from New Look – but watch out, wear this with simple items to avoid looking like an old, untrendy lady! You could, however, play it safe with a block coloured blazer in your favourite summer colour – that way it can be worn with many items in your current wardrobe.

And lastly (but by no means least) are these AMAZING Dr. Martens. All year round I’m in love with Dr Martens, but now, after bringing out their summer range I have completely fallen head over heels. Dr Martens are perfect with shorts, skirts, trousers, dresses… everything! My dream Dr Martens for summer are the two pictured below… however with the prices I might be dreaming for a little while longer!
dr martens


So this is just a little section of my dream summer clothes list! Everyone has an item or two which they just dream to have! Tweet me your dream clothes or shoes to @madfashionlover for a chance to feature in my next blog!

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