Style Icon of the Week: Rita Ora

Hey there fashion lovers!
Hope you all had a great weekend! This week my style icon is Rita Ora! Miss Ora is a British singer who crashed on to our charts with her debut album ‘ORA’ which went in at No.1! Three number one singles later and Rita Ora got awarded as the artist with the most number one singles on the UK singles chart in 2012. Whilst rocking the charts Rita has also been rocking some HOT clothes. With one of her closest friends (namely ‘wifey’) being Cara Delevingne there’s no wonder Rita keeps up to date with her fashion! Rita may not ‘hit the nail on the head’ with every single outfit, but when she does, she looks totally stylish and uber cool. Take a look below at some of Rita’s fabulous outfit choices:

1. Rita Ora
One of my favourite outfits has to be this lovely number which Rita wore. Rita looks cool, calm and collected, strutting her stuff in an Adidas Original woven jersey dress. She makes sportswear look stylish- perfect for your holidays! The shades and the futuristic looking shoe boots finish off the look perfectly.

2. rita ora4
Rita changes it up again and goes for a classy, elegant dress. This dress looks great on Rita – the shimmery material and loose fitting but highly cut shape works perfectly. It also seems that Rita has joined the endless list of celebrities caught up in a troublesome syndrome – I like to call it the ‘over the shoulder coat syndrome’. The is when a coat is draped over your shoulders without you putting your arms through. I seriously don’t understand this ridiculous trend – a coat is to keep you warm, so wear it properly! However I can’t deny that Rita looks fabulous in this outfit – I particularly love her side plait and those gorgeous tan coloured shoes.

3. Rita Ora2
Lastly is this casual (but by no means bad) outfit. Rita looks good in this eye popping red skirt. She matches the lovely skirt with a playful tied pattern shirt, numerous gold bracelets and -of course- her statement red lippy.

So there are my three favourite outfits worn by Rita Ora. Rita is my style icon this week for a number of reasons. My main reason is for her confidence – she wears what she wants, when she wants. Some of her outfits may not be to your taste but she doesn’t let what other people wear change her, she sticks to her guns and shows off her personality through what she wears. Another reason for my choice is that her outfits are always so playful! I love the colours and fabrics she constantly mixes with basic pieces to create an awesome outfit!

My style icon this week is Rita Ora, but who is yours? Tweet me their name and a reason why using the hashtag #MyStyleIcon to @madfashionlover or drop a comment below! You never know… next week it could be them!

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