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Hey there fashion lovers!

So during the weekends and holidays you wake up and choose an outfit to wear. Sometimes these choices our swayed by your mood, the days events, or a person you want to impress. The importance is that we choose are clothes carefully. Your personality is expressed through the clothes you wear, among many other things.


But somehow when we go to school we’re told we can’t express ourselves.
“no extreme unkempt hairstyles as these are not appropriate”
“hair to be of natural colour only”
“no facial/body piercings”
“only black or navy coats”
“You can’t wear make-up”
“no jewellery or badges”
“no baseball caps”
“no casual shoes”
“no trainers”
“no hoodies”
“no boots”

Yes, to certain extent I ‘get it’. They’re preparing us for working life. School’s no fashion show so it doesn’t matter what you wear. They want everyone to be the ‘same’. Unfortunately what they don’t see is that the uniform system is already failing. You can pick the different stereotypical groups out of a school playground easily- it’s the ones who hitch their skirts up so much you don’t even know they’re wearing one, the girls who apply their fake tan like moisturiser, you get my drift. I’m not asking for the chance to not wear a blazer. I’m happy with what my school uniform is -it’s the things we’re not allowed to wear which I have a problem with. Why do they have a right to judge our own individual style? How can they decide what’s an ‘extreme hair style’? Many of the points listed above are not about furthering our education, they’re about destroying ideas of individualism.

In the ‘fashion world’ they say your style shouldn’t be governed by rules and that thinking outside the box and expressing your feelings creates the best look. Yet the children of the next generation are growing up being told to ‘conform’ with school, work, society. The education system seems to forget about all those people who aspire to be in the creative industry – the ones who won’t have to conform to these rules – the lucky ones.


People argue against the idea of non school uniforms. They say “uniform gives schools a sense of community” but can we not all agree that school is about developing an individual identity?

In my opinion school uniform sucks. All I want to do is wear a coloured scarf of my choice, wear trainers (because they are so much more comfortable) and wear a couple of badges in support of organisations and charities which I believe in. I’m not asking for much here, just a chance to develop my own identity.

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