Bare Face Is Beautiful!

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Some would say that we are the generation of the fake tans, false eyelashes and acrylic nails. But many of us have strong feelings about makeup and how to wear it or about not wearing it at all. Some of us have probably never heard of the saying ‘less is more’ as many parade around with beauty we could wipe off with a baby wipe. The question is, ‘why do we feel the need to wear makeup?’ and ‘what is the point?’ Makeup is not necessary in feeling great or looking good. Why anybody would feel the need to layer up their foundation, fake tan, eyelashes, pencilled eyebrows (and much more) is weird but somewhat interesting. This is not a dig. But don’t you think everyone should be applying the saying ‘less is more’? If you feel confident enough to go with no makeup at all then go for it! But if you feel the need to wear makeup, at least don’t pile it on…

For all the school girls trying to cover up their spots with makeup… it’s not working. By covering up your spots with makeup you will only be creating more. Fair enough put on some lip balm or gloss but why change yourself by applying makeup? What’s wrong with being yourself, flaws and all? Why try and make yourself into a perfect version of yourself, humans are not perfect and you’re never going to look that way. Instead of spending time and money on makeup just walk out the house without any, it’s liberating. The fact that some women and girls feel so insecure that they can’t leave their house without makeup is wrong. In my opinion, society is wrong. Why should it be considered the norm to cover your own beauty up with something so fake? And why should it be accepted that teenage girls idolise women who are hardly ever seen without a little bit of make up on?

I think it’s about time that we stand up and be counted. That society finally decides that makeup is not a necessity for being beautiful. You have every right to wear makeup if you want but in the same way, no one should judge your beauty on whether you do or do not wear it. Instead we should look deeply for beauty. It’s what’s inside that counts. Beauty is not skin deep, beauty goes much, much further. Instead of walking down the street judging people on the colour of their hair, skin and eyes. Or by deciding how they must be like through what they own, what they wear and their taste in music. Instead just try to stop judging ‘books by their covers’ and instead listen to the books stories and opinions. Spend time with people, listen to their stories and then you have the right to say you don’t get on with them, but you still will never get the right to judge them.

Bare face is beautiful. Bare face IS beautiful. So many young girls get pressurised into wearing makeup. The same young girls who don’t realise that they are already beautiful. And probably some of the same young girls who will decide to get plastic surgery in order to alter their bodies to fit in with the ‘norm’ of celebrity skinnies. Humans are so advanced yet we fail to realise such basic things like how we are all different. There is no point comparing yourself to a stranger or even to your best friend because no doubt you will be different. You might have ‘flaws’ but so will your friend. We’re so quick to see the faults that sometimes we oversee all the great things. It’s time that we stop wishing we were someone else, wishing that you were as popular as someone else, stop hating your face, your personality, your body, your uniqueness… love them. Stop hating your flaws and imperfections, there what make you, you. And why would you want to be someone else? Stand up tall, be confident and smile. Your you and let’s face it, ‘you’ is pretty amazing.

bare face is beautiful

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