Fashion Rules for Life

Hey there fashion lovers!
Today I thought I’d talk a bit about my ‘forever’ fashion rules. Everyone has some fashion rules, right? They might be only in the back of your mind, but these fashion rules are the little voice inside your head which tell you that you really shouldn’t buy that dress. I’m going to share with you what I think are the most important fashion rules… so let’s get started!

Clear out your wardrobe
Okay, so maybe this can’t be counted as a fashion ‘rule’ but you NEED to clean out your wardrobe. After all, how would you even know what you’ve got unless you can see it all. Unless you’re extremely OCD everybody is guilty of a messy wardrobe. But kick start that summer feeling by clearing out your wardrobe. I find it helps if you get rid of things based on: whether you actually like the garment, if it doesn’t fit or if you haven’t worn it in the last year. Then give it a nice spring clean and guess what? You’re ready to go shopping! Check to see if you’ve got all your summer essentials- vest tops, shorts, jeans (which fit properly), a bikini or swimsuit, etc. And then go out and buy what ever you don’t have (and you need).

Update in small doses
However after just saying you should go out and buy whatever you don’t have- buy it in small doses. No longer do a big shopping spree. Instead break it up buy a garment at time and make sure you really love it before you spend your money. No impulse buying!
Woman With Shopping Bags

Cheap clothes don’t save money
I once bought a bag from Primark (cheap, clothes store) and within the next 3 weeks it broke. That meant that I had to go out and spend even more money replacing the cheap bag. So basically, what I’m trying to say is that if you can afford to buy mid-range priced garments it will save you money (and time) in the long run. Places like New Look ( and H&M ( do good clothes for decent prices.

Know your body type then work your body type
There is no point going shopping if you don’t know what you look good in. It’s as simple as that. Some women suit peplum dresses, some don’t. Some suit tailored jackets, some don’t. You get my drift – know your body type and shopping will become a lot more enjoyable, interesting and rewarding. You can find TONS of information online about how to know your body type and what to wear (I’ll also be doing some posts about that in the next few weeks!).

Buy clothes that fit
This one kind of ties in with the one above. Don’t buy clothes which are baggy or too tight. In fact the worst thing females do is say to themselves ‘I know I’m dress size ten so I’m squeezing into this dress because I’m certainly not going to be a size 12!’. Dress sizes change between shops so buy what FITS and ignore the ‘size number’. It’s better to be a size 8/10/12/14/16 and have something that fits instead of being stubborn and buying the small dress which clings too tightly.

Iron your clothes!!!!
So you’ve bought the most amazing outfit. You’ve scanned the high street of the best buys you can find. Then you go out and wear it. But you’ve forgotten something – you haven’t ironed your shirt! I really don’t understand why people don’t iron their clothes. Stop this ‘disease’ spreading and take 20 minutes of your life and iron your shirt.

Not comfortable – don’t wear it!
The most important rule is this one: if you don’t feel comfortable in a garment don’t wear it!! There is no point feeling stupid or uncomfortable in your own clothes. Wear a pair of jeans and a top if you want to, wear a maxi skirt if you want to, wear a summer dress IF YOU WANT TO. The whole point is that you wear something because you want to and because you feel comfortable in it. Feel confident in your own clothes (and in your own skin), hold your chin up high and strut your stuff!

So these are my ‘forever’ fashion rules. These are the things I stick by day in day out. These rules aren’t going to make you look stunning or make your style perfect- what they will do (hopefully) is give you confidence and understanding in to what works and what doesn’t.

I hope you have enjoyed my post. Think you have a good ‘forever’ fashion rule? Tweet me @madfashionlover or drop a comment below!

Have a super duper weekend – my next post will be on Monday!

*sorry this post is later than usual! xo

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